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Death Is Silent

by Kno

[Kno - V1] Death is silent It hides high in the night's confinement Vile and violent Minding a time to try us And remind us That we cry when time is denied us To incite this Fear of death inside us Death is spineless It will find men that you confide in and confine them in asylum Make those that you dine with and reside with the same lives that you will pine for in silence Death is mindless Nevermind the genotype or phylum It's designed to find and defile us From afar, Senegal to Riker's Island Deaths not confined to latitude lines or mileage Death is timeless Theres no sense to fight with The violent nihilist Binding the eyes of the lifeless But such that life is aligned with Death's assignment Don't let it define you, you define it
[Natti - V1] Tear ducts seem such a useless tool To a man’s feelings forged in the arts of cool Solidarity’s king and the heart’s the fool The jester only in jest can be left to rule Men of steel ain’t allowed to feel Hardened exteriors aren’t allowed to peel Emotional blows taken aren’t allowed to heal Head tells the chest it’s too proud to kneel Before any sign or symbol of sentimental Deep pains displayed 'bout the depth of a thimble Emotions are a potion meant to poison the temples Streaks down the cheeks are for the weak and the simple Society’s asylum for the evil that men do Inside you cry, outside you Hindu When my nigga died, wet eyes no tissues Ex-cons and killers finding shoulders to cling to [Verse 2: Kno] Tear ducts seem such a waste of flesh On a body that’s eventually defaced by death Solidarity reigns and curse your breath Inhale your emotions 'til it hurts your chest No heart on your sleeve tough guy in-vest Bank on the sins that you earned in flesh Eyes are inflamed you get burned for less Your vanity’s a wound that your tears infect A fool is the food that our fears ingest So the cool is the fuel that our peers inject Emotions are a token of the heart’s intent But the streaks on your cheek makes your heart resent A man made of stone has nothing to say When he can’t keep The Nothing at bay When my Grandfather died, dry eyes no tissues But damn I miss you
[Kno - V1] Damsel in distress, her mind tied to that one track Urged to do dirt, I just twirl on my moustache When she spurns her curves on herbs that bust fast All that does is just earn her a bus pass Uh, And now she close to graduating But her imagination makes it hard for her to fake it Misused, her issues are periodical Flips through the pictures and ignores the articles Nothing matters, she ignores her particles To better barter with grown folks prone to arguments The best economists admonish her investment Thoughts are consumed while her dreams are digested So her heart of gold keep it in mine/mind Her folks are coked up but she keep 'em in line Her hopes are yolked up but she’ll free 'em in time Let’s hope she grows up, freedom of mind from loneliness [Deacon the Villain - Hook] Close your eyes, try to dream She done seen ‘bout everything Though she tries, so it seems She done seen ‘bout everything Seen some highs, know the lows She done see ‘bout everything But when she goes, don’t you know She’ll be free from everything Loneliness [Nemo Achida - V2] With a mind that’s as dark as her flesh More weight than just the dreads that’s on top of her head Ice cold eyes hide behind that scarf And you think it’s a style until she unveils in front of the crowd And they all scream “Perish Marie!?” And she looked at me And the power knocked me down to her feet How could it be? A peasant staring dead at a king It must be the weed, she start to take the shape of a Queen I’m like, “Who are you and what are you capable of?" She said, “You were patiently waiting, your unbreakable love Now embrace it with hugs and kisses, desserts and and riches Give thanks -- you’ve married your competition” I’m like, “I see no ring” but that’s not how she legalize Instead she made me take the prize between her thighs And in her thirty minute reign she made my kingdom rise She screamed “Kingdom Come!” until the morning sun Wake up world
[Kno - V1] I am ten toes down To leave you ten toes up In a hearse with the windows up Belly up off that cheap wine Relax Kick the bucket seats back Recline while we decline You have the hand of Antigone I can see it in your jeans (genes) You have suicidal tendencies And this might be the end of me Cus its a rough route watching you get rubbed out Til’ the suns out But damnit If I have a hand in it can it still pass for abstinence? Passive masochist, pushin your faith aside As I take your thighs on a ride to the great divide Face the sky innocent sinner While I guide your Little Man in the Boat across the Styx River Your body quivers beautifully As Jodeci sings the eulogy [Kno - V2] An eye for an eye so we’re bound the same The candle’s lit and now you’re going down in flames To rise like a Phoenix, the sound remains And rigor mortis sets in Now I’m your best friend My destiny’s with Persephone So its only right you get the best of me Or whats left of me Rest in peace to the lifeless Closed casket, You don’t want your fam to see you like this Your body fights in a desperate act of self-preservation Gettin off at your Final Destination Respiration is strained, take your last breath As we exchange these Faces of Death Come on.
[Thee Tom Hardy - V1] Let’s blaze, what a way to escape What’s a way for you to waste away your days of mistakes? Eyes glossy, glazed-over like, donuts and cakes You’re happy with somebody so you wish and hope that it’s fate But what if it’s fake? Hell of a scam, the whole time All for the pie, you know, key lime If it all ended today, at least you tried It was a nice ride, time to go inside Yourself and take a look at the person and how it’s hurtin’ like how could somebody love you for years and then desert ya What’s the whole purpose? Experience of learnin? Exterior is strong but inside you’re certainly burnin’ Take two of these that’s the remedy for anything You could be happy or else, at least pretend to be Own biggest enemy, killin’ self slow They tell you hold on loose but never let go [Tunji - V2] I still remember the first time I realized that life wasn’t picture perfect My father packing up his things to leave his kids deserted The rain reflecting off the windows as it hit the surface I wonder if he thinks the shit was worth it As I sit here and write another one Puffin on another blunt Zonin til’ my buzz is done Proud to be my mother’s son See, she taught me to always be calm and pensive And live my life without ever regrettin mistakes and consequences My strongest lessons as a young fella You see I’ve done hella runnin through the rain with no umbrella But no complainin it just forced us to become better Wintertime – one sweater Dinnertime – crumbs fed us I sit and think about the wisdom that I’ve gained Reminiscin as I listen to the rhythm of the rain I’m driven and persistent with my vision and my aim If I did it all again I would live this all the same [Kno - V3] I’m storm chasin And she’s an F-5 with a sex drive that’ll leave me tied to her bedside Hurricane hips, stoppin all progression Serotonin levels drop, tropical depression She is my professor and I’ve been taught a lesson That in the eye of the storm the pressures barometric She knows I’m wary of her gameplan But when she gambles she can count on me I’m her Rain Man Damn shame man, the fly stewardess Mental turbulence, head off in the cumulus Blamin the weather or whatever for her moodiness My main star but I’m barely on her radar And so my heart sinks – or the pain floats I’m in a shitstorm, shoulda wore a raincoat The clouds break and I can tell its over Cus she’s my sunshine but I’m catchin melanoma.
[Deacon The Villain - V1] I claim to be a man of faith, I told her from the start a shame to say she has my heart and still I won't depart my art, it got me 'tween a rock and a brick wall and my journey to her's feelin like a game of Pitfall and all she wanna do is study english, law and history and I'm a mystery, a life with me's like a gypsy but I ain't Nipsey, I can't Hussle in the West cause the South is in my chest, and I don't wanna fly it's nest Lord, I'm young, gifted and black thanks for that, but help me sift through the facts, please with her on my team I'm feelin like a King findin' comfort in her Heat and we just want a couple rings but the thing? the throne's in my old Kentucky home and it need me more than us, I can feel it in our tone we ain't ready for the leap, maybe one day we'll be grown and step outside our comfort zone [Kno - V2] You the apple of my eye before the seed was planted Proceed to vanish before I could even see the damage Beneath a sea of Zanax She provide the X, I provide the Y But why did she concede to panic? The plea that she demanded To her it seemed so even-handed I seen no advantage and so I'm screamin damnit Wish you could see Atlanta Wish you could see your Nana Wish you could see that I believed that we should be together But I did not protect you Cus I did not correct her I learned a lesson that I guess I didn't earn your presence Concern was ever-present If I could turn back the hands of time I'd return to find her on the 11th The day she seen the premise That if she left the clinic premises without your essence She'd relieve her stresses See we agreed that it's a woman's preference But if she loved me she'd have second-guessed it And now I keep sayin
[Kno - V1] A female condom's what you should be throwin in You need protection, I'm sick and I'm going in I'm sick when I flow with pens The shit like some old Depends The pick of the chosen men I flip...hold up I'm the Talcum Malcolm, the Emo Primo Got no need for beef, got a Vegan ego I'll squeeze three freaks in a El Camino Arizona Charlie's East Casino A stack on Blackjack, 3 on Keno So much cream that they screen my C-Notes Stains on my jeans, breath reeks of Cheetos These girls on my team, breast meat and deep throat She don't swallow? That claim's preposterous Lets just say she has a populous esophogus She prolly wanna crash, but no Bandicootin And yes we're going Dutch, but no Vanderslootin Cus I don't hit women, but I'll annoy a bitch Wiretap your phone, Rod Blagojevich I Vincent Van Gogh hard in the paint (ay!) What gave you the impression that I can't? (ay!) Many have tried, most of them failed Trap or Die, Oregon Trail You won't prevail if you push me I'm that dude, Todd Palin I get dumb...pussy [Sheisty Khrist - Hook] There's a gem found in every heap beneath when you're six feet deep A ledger that points to treasure Pots of immeasurable gold That are six feet deep The Grim Reaper reaps the souls of those Who walk in their sleep, we're all six feet deep I pray the Lord my soul to keep though I'm walking in heat It's like I'm six feet deep
[Kno - Hook] There's a cloud hanging over me What's in my head I can't see x2 [Tonedeff - V1] It seems I’m captive in a carnival The main attraction People stand in line for hours, stoked They pay to laugh and see me sabotage my charted goal to escape this trap while reading transcripts of my horoscopes Then it fades to black Repeat the pattern till my heart of gold is stained and cracked Decreased in value if I pawned it whole would I make it back? The things that matter seem so hard to hold, so I’ll face the facts And leave this planet how I found it Lone And embrace the casket Feel so damaged, that I can hardly cope in a savage world, where the scars reopen at random If you don’t wanna choke, put a bandage over your parted throat I’m man that’s on his own and I can’t get over these obstacles And it adds a sting that the common folks are this adamant to think god’s a hoax And I’m outta hope Though I’m strong I don’t wanna live with the strain No positive notes, no prospect glowing to give me the strength I simply revisit the day that misery came And, I wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, until it hits me That it was a train [Kno - V2] I can feel my blood circulate the whole of my body Cause there’s holes in my body, like a blow from a shotty I’m assuming it probably, cause the hospitals got me I get up off the gurney and I am certainly wobbly But it doesn’t concern me that I am fervently nauseous I’m not overly cautious, I just don’t know what caused it So I’m talking to doctors, asking where is my family Or who was it that brought me, or who was it that shot me Cause I’m hurt pretty badly, but my memory’s shoddy And nobody will help me, so I’m wobbling oddly To the front of the lobby so maybe someone will spot me But my face is in pieces maybe they don’t recognize me Now I’m just realizing, as I open my pocket That my phone is inside it, so I’m frantically dialing Trying to call my fiancé, maybe she’s trying to find me But I hear ringing behind me, and it strikes me as odd I turn around as she walks up to finish the job [Tonedeff - Bridge] I’m wishing for dead. The world is a weight around my neck. Oh, oh. oh. I’m wishing for dead. If today’s like tomorrow, let this end.
[Kno - V1] (they told me) it might take my whole life to absorb what was right or ignore it to fight for these whores in these tights or these boardroom types telling me that I might need to pour my whole life into chores I dislike for the right to recite how much money that I got How much money that I'm not gonna make if I take leap of faith Will I make decent wage? Prolly not but I'm not gonna stop Gonna do it for my pops til they choke me off with a knot and pop me off in a box And drop me off at a plot And top me off with a rock My body is gonna rot (they told me) that I'll soon see the light if I like it or not Thats the icing on top of the birthday cake that is baked For a tot so he's taught to count the days til he drops [Deacon The Villain - V2] (they told me) not to fear living for eternity but, not even Heaven seemed pleasant it was burning me raised with peasants in the crescents we were shadows when reality television was watching adults and, throughout the comedy was drama and alot of pain and that sentence it would run on 'til the comma came until the eulogy and usually my mama sang about the pheasants and presence we no longer claim (they told me) that Heaven is forever but at times I'd find myself thinkin' I'd rather never lived, I mean, my life was like a dream I had everything I wanted but, that ain't all it seems for... all the time in the world live eternal in inferno or in Eden with the squirrels no brainer, it's that, I was feeling like Lestat, and the thought of forevermore was feeling like a trap all it brought, was more of the same, people in flames a reality television channel that never changes lost in the confusion of 7 billion strangers scared to hope Heaven won't have a touch of the same
[Natti - V1] Father figured he didn't wanna be a figure no more But mama made sure as a kid I'd never knew we was poor No worries about the bills and all the rigmarole The food stamps were paper and they spent in the store If the Kool-Aid was sweet then so was my life And the life my friends lived was of a similar type But as Mike Jack's face changed so did my needs Let the Osh Kosh be gone now I needed some Lees And when I fucked em' up she ironed patches on knees And if it didn't bother her it wasn't bothering me I thought cartoons came through the TV for free But now that I'm grown I know every fee And think back to how strong she had to be Cus I was into everything like vitamin C And I thought it was unlikely to come back to bite me Til the Lord blessed me with a son just like me [Kno - V2] Those holes in my clothes, didnt think nothin of it Huh, fuck ya'll we was broke and I loved it Nothing but hopes and dreams off in the cupboard Fresh baked humble pie, throw it in the oven Income been much lower than the others Grandmas boy cus I didn't know my mother Didn't know my father, at least not sober Forgive and forget though, now that its over And now that I'm older, I look at the past like Rich folks look at dashboard cams on a Rover Tryina back up like data on ya Motorola While I'm dialin up the past Living in the present like a puppy in a box The Best I Ever Had was my stomach tied in knots Hopin that my pops copped me some folded socks And brand new draws, thanks Santa Claus, aw [Substantial - V3] First it was all about Anime, Kung Fu, Hide & Go Get It Anything's possible the sky's no limit Plan to be an MC athlete and architect So you could see a player in the building cold rockin' it See me copping shit like comics & cards Long before I rocked watches times was hard Before I had to find a job or been places I was 11 pounds 10 ounces, Glenn Davis 'Fore I saw pops being put in a grave I had broken heart before I murmured a phrase Had my first fight Grabbed my first mic Before my man Ti said "Dag that verse tight!" Like LL I grew to be bigger and deffer No frontin' I'm Ben Button I only get better Made hand me down sweaters look sharp as cheddar A shame that them days didn't last forever!
[Tunji - V1] I'm sick and tired of dwellin' in the past, so I'm tellin' 'em the facts See, I started on my journey and I'm settled on the path My songs are from the soul although I'm sellin' em for cash Dedicated to my homeys and my relatives that passed ....let's take a moment for their lost souls If life's a road then I'm just swervin' through the potholes If death is silent, then I'm livin' in surround sound Speakers blastin' while maneuverin' through downtown Feelin' like this is exactly what I live for I wanna take less, I wanna give more We came a long way from hand-me-downs and thrift stores And it's like no matter what, success is what we drift towards I wanna write my name across the night sky 'Cause I saw my future in the stars and let the lights guide Sittin' back and countin' money as the price rise Said I couldn't do it, but I always saw the bright side [Kno/Tunji - Hook] So even when I feel down, down I keep looking ahead because I'm here now, now [Kno - V2] I'm here now Theres nothin to fear now One day you will die So I am killin it year round Fuck a bucket list I have had enough of it Stuck off in a rut cus Lady Luck is such a summabitch But that slut can suck a dick For sustenence Ima fuck it up a bit Chuck me the rock Ima tuck and run with it Plus I'm havin fun with it In a zone passin all the tests And now I'm playin bones and I'm gamblin with death The best 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5, 4 out of 7 A Bogus Journey until you going to Heaven I always know where I'm headin Cus I know where I been Tell Mother Nature she can blow in the wind And choke on my kids Middle finger to Father Time while I'm holdin my dick I'm takin life slowly homey and I'm soakin it in Middle finger to Father Time while I'm holdin my dick I'm takin life slowly homie cus I'm nowhere near the end [Kno/Tunji - Hook] So even when I feel down, down I keep looking ahead because I'm here now, now [Kno - Hook] So even when I feel down, down I keep looking ahead because I'm here now, now


released October 12, 2010

All Tracks Produced by Kno for Knolan Ryan Productions (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky

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