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Dirty Acres

by CunninLynguists

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darth_tyrannus_rex thumbnail
darth_tyrannus_rex Raw, honest, and beautiful hip hop which never compromises and always delivers. An underrated classic of the genre. Favorite track: Georgia.
Watching Nebula
Watching Nebula thumbnail
Watching Nebula whether the songs are about systemic racism or beautiful women, they land with a skillful and potent combination of rhymes and beats that's more than the sum of its parts. highly recommended. Favorite track: Things I Dream.
Andy Capitator
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Andy Capitator Man this has some of the most perfect production I've ever heard. Favorite track: Gun f. Sheisty Khrist.
William (Tycoon) Russ
William (Tycoon) Russ thumbnail
William (Tycoon) Russ Incredible album a must have for any hip hop head! Favorite track: Valley Of Death.
zarkorr thumbnail
zarkorr Man, This has to be one of my favorite summer time albums. The production is perfect. The trio working seamlessly together smooth and groovin to timeless soul sounds. Favorite track: The Park (Fresh Air).
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[Verse 1 - Natti] Now I seen obscene times before this hip-hop game came Like the cops that checked me, left me in mate To a system where Gingerbread Men are to overbake Put to work in the dirt for a buck and quarter a day Choppin' down trees for the next prison that's made And separate us from slaves for thirty dollars in pay The jailer got a tailor and an F250 Standin' on Dirty Acres feelin' goddamn filthy Natti stands for his, suckers crawl for others Understand the biz, I suffocate undercovers Cause somebody gets paid, our lemons are simply beginnings My sweat been the sugar in some cracker's lemonade Got my brother in Baghdad, hands clenchin' grenades While we hustle like house niggas, try'na buy chains Back asswards for try'na buy change I'mma walk through the Valley and rally through my pains, nigga [Verse 2 -Deacon] I'mma wear your confederate flag and be a rebel Burn this witch down, Gretel with heavy metal Cancelled, for pissin' on our hopes and esteems Since I's a youth seen it, seen it like they broke in my dreams Weave it together, I need all the yarn you can swing From filthy farms we learned about what type alarm you can ring Are you gon' listen? It seems the only sense you got is vision And since we shed our senses now the sense is steady slippin' And since we stopped our youth from prayin' senselessness is livid And the rich don't really give a fuck cause they don't gotta live it I see hard livin' e'ryday, you never payed a visit To ya'll the 'hood's a museum, in truth we just exhibits In truth we just some digits, a means to an end By any means from our KY we gon' win Since ya'll won't listen, I oughta use fists in place of my pen So then maybe all this shit'll sink in
Dirty Acres 04:02
[Verse 1: Deacon] Look, Ice Cube said Laugh Now, Cry Later It's sad to see us living like that till pine laid up Not straight up about death or missteps No regrets, just weed, sex, worldly patterns I miss Vatos and Bless, I miss my sister The other day my nigga was stabbed to death I laughed with Step bout holy scripture Holdin blunts bigger than his casket, growed amongst grass un-kept Still smoking, bet he's still blowing Singin with Sam Cooke about a change comin as we keep pourin Liquor out for those that passed It's killin our livers because we dying so fast Low on cash, who ain't? Ain't no jobs Either you slang, you make music or you detail cars You cut hair, you sell clothes or you live on charge I barely got enough bread to give a cell phone bars Fuck puttin bars on paper, there's bars on the face of Half my niggas, spark the Garcia Vegas and ride country I'll be damned if they stealing my pride from me Fuck the world, I ain't destined to die hungry [Hook: Kno] {X2} The lies, the pain, the truth, the hurt The music, the soul, it's all in the dirt [Kno] Lay back and just ride Lay back and just ride Just ride [Verse 2: Natti] Yeah, enter my zone, blunts stuffed, 'nough for self Brave in this world, putting up smoke for help Peace pipe under the street lights, type of wealth Greenery coats the scenery, my whip turn left Right away from them rollers posted up at the corner Schemin to meet they quota off of niggas with soda They love to get 'em together like lime and Corona Twisted, like my niggas still reppin they hood Don't own a brick up in that bitch but swangin they wood Going to bat for that? Shit, I wish I would In the thick of it, only with my Kyn I stood Make sense of it with dollars only if I could To trade children and a beautiful wife for a crack pipe Or biddin in a system, just missin the daylight Or missin in a system of hustlin all night Shit must have been aight in some point of our sight Till in a fashion we rationed off a portion of life Coastin into a future that we strive to make bright, uh come on Coastin into a future that we strive to make bright, let's go
K.K.K.Y. 02:19
[Hook - Deacon] It feels alright So just lay back into the night But don't lose sight Make sure you watch those Yellow Lines [V1 - Natti] I'm DUI in her eyes, but fuck tapping the brakes Let's shorten up the time fantasy takes Stroke her ego slow til her vanity quake Satin hair, silk skin, wet panties and lace, the Fabric of love, the thrill of the chase Blunted, lovin the highway, spinning in place My hands are Sex Pistols strapped to her waist Strange fruitin lip gloss try and savor the taste We can both play games, exchange fake names Paint pictures of lust using both our frames Remain unaware of the spell you under Prisoner of love when given my cell number High off love, lust in your joints Kiss and tellin the tale of our sex exploits Yo relationship sank out to sea Now you floating on driftwood behind fucking with me [Hook] It feels alright So just lay back into the night But don't lose sight Make sure you watch those Yellow Lines [V2 - Witchdoctor] I put a spell on them hoes I have 'em in the corner on Patron at the shows I can tell when they ain't from around here The spell start working when my finger say 'come here' I'm not a pimp, I'm not a trick But please believe me I can have any bitch They call me short, dark and handsome Kidnap your girl, send your man a little ransom (Hey) Hey! I'm making major moves, won't you holla back Hoes twisting my hair with some o' that beeswax At the club she say she don't dance But she bouncing on that hot thang in my pants Ya got money, take her out tonight to eat She coming over after you finish with the Applebee's Bobby said slow down, I say go slow I'm the reason she don't fuck witchu no more I'm the reason for her being on the pill I'm the reason Sir Charles had to chill To get her freaky don't need a bottle of gin And we be fucking like the world 'bout to end Ey, I put a spell on them hoes Forgive me Lord, but I'm hell on them hoes Yeah, I put a spell on them hoes Forgive me Lord, but I'm hell on them hoes Hey, I put a spell on them hoes Forgive me Lord, but I'm hell on them hoes I just, I put a spell on them hoes Forgive me Lord, but I'm hell on them hoes, hell on them hoes [V3 - Phonte] She used to call me late at night Didn't take long to see that we were a-alikes On the same page, just couldn't get it right Macintosh of my eye, let me take a mega bite I cordially invite you to come take a ride in my thoughts Switch memory lanes while we dreamin, wanderin And in return I'll strip my inhibitions And go skinny dipping in your stream of consciousness She said it sounds tempting And I don't want to catch feelings But this urge is calling me bad I said well sugar, if you're worried 'bout catching feelings Chances are you already have And there's no need to deny ourselves I mean, lie to each other and deprive ourselves Denial's not a game I'm prepared to play So I express things most niggas scared to say Put a spell on 'em, Forgive me Lord but I'm hell on 'em Baby we grown folk, So let me longstroke And send em back to they man with my smell on 'em Let me be quiet before I tell on 'em [Hook] It feels alright So just lay back into the night But don't lose sight Make sure you watch those Yellow Lines
Dance For Me 03:20
Georgia 03:50
[Intro] I had a dream and it was so strange, so strange [2x] [Natti] Ah, deep perspiration, heartless and impatient My angel's just a devil from shoulder to shoulder pacin' Fillin' my gaze with hate, eyes cold as Alaskan basements Aimed at records for targets while labels look like the Masons I hang around outside of they buildin' amongst the vagrants Dangerous, loaded stainless, maturity plus minority Cool as cues, but cocked back is the priority One in the flesh, lights, cops just stop where they stand As I proceed to beat the publishing up outta this man Tellin' him "Get the fuck up!" They yellin "How could he stand?" I don't expect him to, bitch, I counted close to the land Louisville slugger cover every inch of his noggin' Bobbin' with every strike, askin' "What heaven like?" The reverend might win a visit, that is if his spirit is near it But if you yield towards hell you'd hear it more vivid But I'm under slumber, ya get it? To see it I'd have to let you all... [Hook] See the things I dream [4x] [Deacon] Yeah, once upon a time I seen it clearer than the bluest day Got off in some crime seen that line turn blueish-grey Humorin' themselves about murder, pussy and politics Word around the world is money and I want all of it World crooked like St. Ide's eyes acknowledge this Just ask them Virginia Tech college kids While you wait for apologies, I'm low like a fox Get between me and your rocks, I'll put your ass in the box I feel the odds favor robbin' a world without God Money's the language, in humanity you need Visa cards I need your cash and your car before I smash your facade Or watch this classic toy make you collapse to the side, under the yard boy Since a child these thoughts lurkin' in my shadows Heard 'em placin' wages on how will I face my battles Accelerate to add dope feel but never faulted I'm standin' upon rock that'll make powder out Gibraltar [Hook] [Kno] Fumblin with sweat on my fingers, something impetuous lingers Become infected with feelings so I'm electing this evening To end my life without reason cause I'm indicted for treason Closing my eyes and I'm leakin', dragging the knife till I'm bleedin' Cause it's the light that I'm seeking, feels only right that I'm meeting With Jesus seeking redemption but he don't want my repentance For he who feels my intention sees that my deepest depression Is feeding me to these demons that lurk and feed on my essence The pain is deep in my chest and I keep repeatin my blessings Ever since a meek adolescence that saw me beaten by freshmen Parents repeatedly sentenced, heroin needles on dressers They used to feed their infection, I can't repeat indescretions So I pause for reflection, long for honest affection And getting lost in the music is only soothing for stretches If you knew where my head is when I'm doing these records You'd never listen to my music again I can't let you..... [Hook] See the things I dream [4x] [Outro] I will know how things can be.... "I want to live a real life..... I don't want to dream any longer"


released November 27, 2007


all rights reserved



CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky

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