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[V1 - NATTI] I am floating happy not knowing nautical course tie a wristwatch in slipknots and dock at my porch time is of no essence, the presence becomes presents peasants become pheasants and soar past acceptance current currencies worthless, fodder for feeding purses with iron clad words I solder together verses I’m trippin like I’m eatin’ the fungi leaving me cornered like the puss that crusts in ones eye [V2 - DEACON] listen there's no light, just never ending night and the weather's like a hurricane when land is in it's site the sand within my hourglass could vanish any moment and i'm trying to read the signs within the symbols and the omens from the motions of the sea, to the color of the dark this ocean of my dreams was more than cover for the sharks recovering these parts is like discovering my art I wonder as I wander through my heart [V3 - KNO] Cus it starts a dream defferred A clipped wing on a white dove Seems absurd, a smudge on a white glove Not seen nor heard like screams from the night's lungs Cling to words so much that you won't budge Fiends in herds who yearn for the white crumbs Getting high like the city sky when it lights up Thats what the night does It hits your mind with the right stuff To keep you blind with a slight buzz [V4 - DEACON] The mind is like a puzzle that could never be completed we scuffle through it's pieces, strugglin for peace it's hard for us to sleep and even harder to awake the image in my mirror’s gettin harder to relate I see me harbouring my hate and bartering with grace but I couldn't be farther from my faith, or my face through this waste of my mind, may i find direction I'm a waste of my time if I don't find it's lessons [V5 - NATTI] So all welcome to this generous helping of self reflection night thoughts brought to life with incandescence as the twirls on the tip of our index staring into space one’s vision is endless [KNO] but glaring at the ground you can see where the end is [NATTI] so just close pupils and be pupils and listen [KNO] the headset’s your desk the test is what’s missin [NATTI] digest these notes of quotes of keys written
[V1 - DEACON] Searching' for answers is like searching' for Atlantis I'm working poor and I'm just hurting for some chances this school of a livings like prison on a campus show me the Monet, and the pixels in that canvas advance through my imagery, I view my evil deeds when I went to Jack in Tennessee to erase memor y when I called on Mary J be my serenity so I don't see that all my enemies resembled me I'm feeling faceless heading' for a bitter state I'm trying to place but my heart ain't even in the race I've came far enough that turning' back is time wasted imprisoned by fear, I don't need no iron bracelets what's my fate, how can I escape my heart running blind, an open mind could break the stark a major spark might just make a star in this.... [V2 - NATTI] Way under in slumber is my true self shown? a glass house cracked from a few stones thrown pain/pane in the windows of a once happy home I’m a Chesire Cat laughin’ at the caged birds' song a caterpillar shroomin usin’ fumes from my bong to cloud a land wondering what fuels what is wrong lust in my loins, vengeance in my heart thrust from my groin that could populate an Ark thoughts in my mind only popular in dark i can’t let come to light so i might suffocate the spark that might just spark the fuse that blows my views of self apart opinions of my heath my self and wealth go off the chart my struggle to keep balance ain’t a challenge it’s an art outside my sleep is silent ‘cause inside the war is fought every night, as I fade to the... [OUTRO - Anna Wise] don’t give me that bullshit don’t give me that bullshit don’t let it take over you don’t let it take over you don’t give me that bullshit don’t give me that bullshit don’t let it take over you don’t let it take over you
Phantasmata 01:53
[V1 - NATTI] I’m a monster that don’t reside up under your bed I’ma march to the beat that I put into your head Send shots to your liver I deliver you death You can barter your tomorrow but a martyr you’re left Get you hot under the collar when my name’s on your breath Click the starter on your Impala I’ll be there when you wreck Fuckin’ with me you better keep your feelings in check Be the life of the party or a lifeless body Get with me thinkin’ you hard, you’ll be hardly standin’ I’m the hardest of them all, you’re the hardest landin’ Face first in the asphalt, your ass talked Too wreckless, now you helpless from the rounds you caught I’ll teach your ass a lesson, outlined in chalk Have you hostage in the hospice, high and trying to walk I am bravery in a bottle, I am courage in a glass I got the government’s approval, prohibition couldn’t last I go hard. [V2 - FREDDIE GIBBS] C’mon lets ride out The whole family over for Christmas dinner Let’s go through the purses and sell the gifts from your moms house They know you out here doing dirt for cash Plus you the one unemployed, a couple dollars ain’t gon hurt they ass I’m the only friend you got You tried to sell me but you took a hit and eventually you just couldn’t stop A couple of sniffs would get you lit but couldn’t get you to the top Oh what an event when you got hip to cookin’ me into them rocks I had you locked, you know it costs to come and see me So fuck yo groceries, fuck yo bills, go on and pawn that TV And fuck yo life, just catch this beam and take it straight to the dome And fuck yo kids, the state’ll seperate em’ and place em’ in homes It’s gon be cool, I know I got you crazy subdued Ever since the 80’s played your whole community for a fool And the ones that sold me smoke each other over new tennis shoes They field niggas, I’m the definition of death, the real killa [V3 - KNO] I’m with the fiends on the block playin shoot em’ up When I erupt makes it hard to know who to trust People scared to test me since the 80’s Anybody can get it, man woman or baby Shots do not discriminate, impossible to eliminate I disseminate, you disentigrate I can come off as a prick, you might get stuck with I’ll prolly steal your girl if you try and fuck with me Cus next to me you’re looking quite frail & if you snitch you’ll be counting your days in white cells Just needlessly in CB4 Ask the CDC no CD4’s Cus the truth is I’m on America’s dick Uncle Sam fucks the poor and it’s making em’ sick Now their life’s in a Tube, a downward spiral Give a new meaning to going viral I’m hard as they come
[V1 - BIG K.R.I.T.] What if I told you that the battle was on? would that rattle ya bones? or would you be down to kill in the name of the throne drop bombs on innocent people or innocent homes with automatic weapons or military drones while me and my friends play croquet and make bets on which country liable to fold next under the pressure of my fingertips any day or any time they just cattle we don’t need they kind any how talking population control gotta make room for the young, so it’s out with the old I got tanks that need usin’, I’m lettin’ em go. for the low and some c-4 charges that’s ready to blow I got the ticket on sativa ‘cause my patnah the supplier and all my homeys down to invest in my empire sink the economy with no natural evidence they complain, but that’s a part of being president If I could get away with murder I’d take my gun and I’d commit it X 2 [V2 - NATTI] I could use worship as a warship, bible and sword turn men and women to minions over Heaven’s rewards promise Islamic bombers Heavens harem of whores for taking out a couple of floors the holiest wars bring profits/prophets and I don’t mean Moses unless he’s on the screen when the NASDAQ opens Horatio Caine won’t be able to blame me for the third party bodies that his followers slain ashes and burnt remains all left in the name of whoever you praise, I just made it a game called winners and sinners, but they one and the same you can play along with us at home we livin’ in Rome, destined to fall didn’t you hear? I ain’t worried about the views of the public and peers shit, Hitler was once Time mags' Man of the Year I’ma get it with hope while I’m peddlin’ fear I’m a wolf in a wool cap with robes to match leadin’ the flock right down the hatch I’m the fox in the hen house, the Devil You Know in a black Cadillac, wrist glistenin gold on my way to eat steaks with TD Jakes so if you wanna dine with Christ you gon’ need these tapes and if you still don’t how cold I am? please turn to page three in ya church program
[V1 - NATTI] I'm on an island when my family speaks As I palm trees, high as the sun of a beach Right here, quite near to perfecting my speech But my sleeping habits on average keep me missing my sheets Yeah In the studio blazin the beats Or clubbin with fly birds, rubbin squeezin their Tweets Flaked on my intervention, I've been missin for weeks On an international binge with the friends that I keep Then come home and roam around in my PJ's, for three days Eatin sour cream n cheese Lays Relapse itch hit, I'm scratchin like DJ's Tracks in my veins show I'm feenin for replays You say free bass? I'll be right there I like mine with a nice cut and light snare Get it to me rapido and I might share Rappin makes me happy so, why stop why care? I'm hooked [V2 - DEACON] I'm up every morning with my mind on a fix fire up the mid and let it slide in my mix takes from the craziness, I hide in it's bliss ride or die, protect my pride, the lioness mane and I ain't talkin 'bout Jane, I'm playin Rick James I'm talkin' bass head, nigga, let the shit bang movin' keys, looka-here, watch us flip game ever since a minor the accord has been this strange I'm in the dark with the black notes I take humanity and capture it in rap quotes from the cellars and alleys with the crack smoke through the middle to the top where the fat floats let's roll nigga
Get Ignorant 04:29
[V1 - NATTI] Do I gotta get ignant and show my pigment on the job? slap the darkest part of my hands across jaws? these days and times with jobs hard to find you gotta work a salt mine or work an assault nine most folks barely staying afloat through proper channels and think the rich sit with black candles and slaughter mammals and run the globe through mind control and designer sandles but life’s a skinny bitch it’s a struggle to get a handle I’m about to just break bad like Malcolm’s dad be Meth Boy-R-Dee with a lab and a yellow cab so I can get the white picket fence and yellow lab that American dream makes me wake up and scream it consists of old money buying shiny new things that I’ma about to break as I’m creating a scene you can use as an anthem for Kanye’s tantrums cause I’m about a thumb and a finger away from snapping dammit! [V2 - DEACON] I'm early everyday, never took a vacation through mandatory overtime I always stayed patient through all the pettie dramas i'm calmer than a sloth but THE shit don't change like if Obama would've lost I done worked my ass off for bout 20 leven years and I'm usually far from anything that Heaven fears but I'm feelin off kilter, nah I ain't bout to kill ya but I am about to loosen up the filter here's you...jerkin' off to Halle Berry on the shitter then firing a nigga cause he checkin' on his twitter you mad ‘cause ain't nobody taggin you in pictures? well here's a good one of you taggin ya wife's sister like that! I've been knowin' ways to fight back Vimeo of you sayin you don't like blacks clearly though, full HD and in stereo ya network's got holes my dude, cheerio! [V3 - DEACON] Success is just a thought, yet it can push us to the edge put in our heads at an early age like the pledge give our allegiance, while you're at it give ya souls won't tell ya till ya grown that all that glitters ain't gold but we love to watch em race, love to watch em chase dreams so dirty ain't a cycle that could make clean got the athletes juicin, singers gettin naked the rappers spendin' all they money before they even make it actors scared to age shootin acid in they faces slaves to the ratings every show is more tasteless faithless as angels cuttin' wings from they scapula to trade it all in and be Dracula? [V4 - KNO] Genocide in east Africa, but you watchin Battlestar Galactica Fillin up the data in the back of your digital camera Taking glamorous Shots of your mammaries Surrounded by Vanity Fair magazine And stuffed animals, in a house your parents paid for Built by hand on land people slaved for Get ignorant, stay ignorant in fact get belligerent If you feel my sentiment attack Keep kicking and screaming for your sense of entitlement Flip me off with the same hand you hold the Bible with All that Botox, every cream, every vitamin Can't cover up the ignorance thats inside of you I wouldn't lie to you, it can't cover up the ignorance thats inside of you
[V1 - NATTI] Poor me, pour me a shot of patron cigarillo or bordello I just gotta be blown in a silicone zone where titties are grown and sessions in the recession where fifties are thrown rose petals, pedaled within cities of stone reefer and liquor dance, my chemical romance my pitiful cold hands that ache to be warm like a tux with gold cuffs that waits to be worn nowadays loves in the haze of a flashback those that invest deeply need be gettin’ they cash back being in lust with love, feels so dreamy till it’s shattered in beautiful pieces scattered beneath me i still chase it, you gotta believe me I just don’t think it’s as instant as an instance on tv we try to close the distance but persistence ain’t easy there’s a ribbon in the sky if you listen to Stevie problem is, my arms can’t reach that far or stretch that high, is it best I fly with the wings of a goose, mixed with red bull and a night cap slapped on to keep my head cool awaken in a state of confusion dressing quickly to get back to my city fuckin’ delusion where I live where I stay where I sleep where I lay [BRIDGE - DEACON & COURTNEY CAMPBELL] I’ve seen all the things that pass me by oh why can’t it be real? I cling to my dreams as I grab the sky oh why can’t it be real?
[V1 - NATTI] You can only see the stars when it’s Don Cheadle black when the chips are down who dips and who reacts? folding under pressure ain’t get us to where we at when all hope’s lost you battle to get it back in fact, dark times are when heroes shine without them sour grapes there would be no wine let your ego dine, adversity for breakfast zero pride, in settling for less then fighting tooth and nail, no matter who prevails instead of wishing on a star grab a comet by the tail your ship ain’t coming in, then you got to make a sale catch the wind and make it sail and hit the ground runnin’ til ya heartbeat sound like a battle drum thumpin’ those talking ‘bout failure ain’t talkin’ ‘bout nothin’ you may weather the storm if you don’t stop punchin’ reach for the stars and you might just touch ‘em [HOOK - RICK WARREN] Stars shine, stars shine When you think you’ve lost your way Making for a brighter day a brighter day Stars shine, stars shine Coming out to light the way Making for a brighter day a brighter day [V2 - DEACON] Our money’s funny, our change is strange these days ain’t sunny and the sea ain’t tame we playing games where the rules ain’t clearly defined in this coffee black world, knee deep in the grind be a vine in the shade, a salmon in a stream try lookin’ for the stars when examining your dreams could go from street singers to pop figures from block niggaz to a brotha that is followin’ stock tickers to grow in the night you gotta create light gotta be a gamma ray burst that erase sight no astronomer has seen your incredible gleam and you don’t need a telescope to detect dream you blessed with a mind that can see through space on dark nights, in the stars you can find your face just look up and marvel at all the constellations Egyptians built pyramids from these creations [OUTRO - RICK WARREN] Stars shine until you’re back into the, back into the Stars shine until you’re back into the, back into the Stars shine until you’re back into the, back into the light, light Stars shine until you’re back into the, back into the Stars shine until you’re back into the, back into the Stars shine until you’re back into the, back into the light, light, light [V3 - NATTI] Against all odds and against the grain sun becomes shelter in the midst of rain in monsoon proportions them moments of importance when victory’s in vain it’s the same the blood coursin of course when selfishness inside provides poison apply it to your life and let it sink in like ointment poised when them black clouds come ‘round don’t back down let haters be theme music playin’ in the background
[HOOK - KNO] She sits in bed with her halo crooked She says she's never been in love before She takes time to define what we'll never get We're turning into enemies with benefits Enemies with benefits [V1 - NATTI] She the girl of my dreams, also my nightmares Cus she be killin it, jigglin' in her nightwear Between mean glances that we might share The space between us is like a lightyear All in my phone like she AT&T All in my Facebook pretendin she me Cus her "Not Hot" single friends feedin her nonsense The ghetto's trying to kill me and my chick's an accomplice With black gloves (black gloves) black mask (black mask) Full lips (full lips) fat ass (I like that!) Text messaging ridiculous comments I'd have to wash my mouth out to read you the contents She might literally love me to death We had a stairway to heaven til' I fell down the steps Now I'm left with a pain in the neck But she's my eye candy, the flavor I savor And I'm part Vader, I think with my saber I live in crazy town and I'm married to the mayor [HOOK - KNO] [V2 - KNO] They call me Lex, junior Not Rex Lewis my ex like a six shot shooter - sex ruger She's a sex cougar she texts we bang everytime I sit next to her Man, she get me hard as steel, I call her X-Ray Plus my ex bust her neck during sex play I get the cleanest dome, I mean it holmes She never be alone cus she never be at home Her boyfriend is a punk, he rock a onesie He think he fly, pullin' stunts in his undies But she my kryptonite I know...cryptic right? I'm sitting back with a pipe getting ripped at night On my window pane, the coldest rain My enemy, Miss Lois Lane [HOOK - KNO] [V3 - TONEDEFF] She’s a devil in a baby blue dress Who I'm mentally redressing as an angel through sex Who be testing my mettle - and yes, in a way, I choose the stress And I guess that I settle cause I’m a slave to huge breasts - But it ain’t worth it. Ask me again if my mind has changed on the situation in five days And I couldn’t say for certain, And so we stay in this deranged arrangement Nailing ‘tween the breaks of these unwavering debates of ‘who’s the crazy person’? She got them fuck-goggles on me My judgement Impaired like I was drunk on kamakazi’s riding a busted Kawasaki Callin the love doctor cause I need a fix of this chick and it’s sickening Wish I could quit, but my dick is mixing the signals and shit Half of the time, I see past all these disastrous signs And half of the time, I keep asking if I’m happy to lie If blame can be assigned, then I guess I’ll have to try this food for thought: You can always see the shape of the pan in the pie Savage desire in me to taste her loving/ So my piece of the mind will never turn into a baker’s dozen. I’m crumbling [HOOK - KNO]
[V1 - NATTI] You pretend to be dying to get a part of my mind I been once inclined to tell you pardon my spine part of my shine comes from the distance you are from a star while you compiling your wishlist is this business emotionally invested? or built from the sweat of our flesh pressed against it love is war, sex is a weapon the mind is a mine so watch where you’re steppin’ thoughts that are kept in wet dreams covered in face cream come to fruition in positions used to make steam feelings are just filling in this half-baked scene to make x-rated into nc-17 then see everything she got she not shy our love below so dro we most high then wears off when what we wear’s on again I turn away when what we share’s gone so... [BRIDGE - ANNA WISE] If this is not the hardest part I wanna part before it gets too deep If passion dies within routine I’ll come clean leave me be, baby [HOOK - ANNA WISE & DEACON THE VILLAIN] lovin’ ain’t easy when you running scared could have been fearless and unprepared lovin’ ain’t easy when you running scared could have been fearless and unprepared Looking Back [V2 - DEACON] Under the twilight, and we living the Miller Highlife Le Petite Mort, my lady we bout to die twice I wont' surrender and you won’t surrender yurn whatever happens after this moment's of no concern but it's hard to stop the burn when you fueled by the friction increased heart rate only confused my addiction we wired for desire, dangers to ourselves flying under the radar in the hangers with the stealths my muse, sleeps deep within time I go to her for credit though I need to decline it's easy to cross a line and blame ya flesh for the crime I'm sorry it's just the way we designed my dear we should leave here, I'm talking bout one at a time though ‘cause you got me changin' my mind slow leave here, says that voice in the back of my spine as I awake and the moment rewinds [HOOK - ANNA WISE & DEACON]
[HOOK - BJ THE CHICAGO KID] Yeah, I know it gets hard but we made it this and we never gonna stop even when we reach the top of our dreams [V1 - TUNJI] I'm tryna reach the top of my dreams That's why I'm mapping out the script and slowly plottin' my scenes They never get the picture, even when they're watchin' that screen That's why they underestimate me, 'cause I'm not what I seem I'm quite different - entirely focused on making wise decisions I'd rather risk a huge mistake than spend my life wishin' I try to deal with every problem with the right vision 'Cause when you're gone, it's just that coffin that you lie stiff in Six feet under - makes me wonder If I could go back in time and try to fix each blunder That I made when I was younger, way before the hunger Before these groupie broads was tryna save a brother number See, I'm achievin' every part of my goals And I'ma stay the same, no matter how far that I go I think bright, even though inside I'm dark and I'm cold Feel the pain in my heart and my soul - but I'm livin' my DREAMS HOOK NATTI At last rap has it’s Dr. Parnassus for the masses living a dream with atlas as my mattress living a dream ‘cause the rent is fantastic haters get evicted on a daily basis middle finger notice waved in their faces let the door hit em where the good Lord split ‘em PS...P players you missing the big picture get a million inch screen let your dream be seen the world is a stage let your dream be scene backdrop and props for the finer things enjoy the spice of life on your fries and wings and wash it down with something imported if domestic ain’t the best at making you feel important aim high, poppin’ bottles will get boring I can have champagne dreams or caviar wishes or a catfish sandwich with Champagne the stripper Its my dream [V3 - DEACON] Claim a victory for entering this world earth then play your symphony from city to the rural dirt beyond hurt, invert your neural confines I hit the lines like I'm running in the combine intramural of the mind, drink ya night caps dream big nigga, play that shit in IMAX my dream theater's a perpetual climax make miracles, give me water I'll give you wine back for troops in IRAQ, Haitians in the Carib or my Arabs, who keep the faith and wear it like a scarab dreams prepare ya for living they holdin' key to life gotta be the sheriff when you have em try to read em right don't be impressed by things that haunt ya when you sleep at night just rise above it, right in public, catch an eagle flight tap that passion that's within ya and just let it breath I heard it whisper words of wisdom would ya let it be, please.. let it be [OUTRO - BJ THE CHICAGO KID] Yeah, I know it gets hard but we made it this and we never gonna stop even when we reach the top X2 of our dreams (top of our dreams) X 4 yeah, yeah, yeah
Embers 02:54
[V1 - NATTI] I’m cloaked in smoke, but feel no flames folks float around me, but I see no wings no halos or hounds, pitchforks or gates or omnipotent voice that picks course of fate did a life of indecision build a dream scape prison where light isn’t manufactured, but captured inside a prism? in a state between sleep and awake feels closest to hypnosis with an infinite wake then a fog dissipates revealing crimson fields Crept on by a fawn with flaming heels eyes red as stop signs with a mane of quills as I gaze past hills of diamond trees I see a silhouette rest upon golden leaves with the body of a goddess and a face of dreams a half naked Meagan Good in a Pagan hood kissed me on the cheek we didn’t speak, but I understood it wasn’t Heaven that I was seeking, but a haven I sought a canvas of the mind painted with my thoughts [V2 - KNO] Everything ain't what it seems I wake up to find I'm inside of a dream this side of a dream See buried deep inside the seams of my screams are beings and other-worldly things rarely seen Might be psychosis or maybe i chose this the night approaches every time the eye closes See a burning bush, feel like I'm Moses Burn so much Kush I feel like Amosis All my images are morgues and moons and every fork in the road moves through Freud and Jung In the darkness no orchard blooms a state so dark sparks from torches consumed It's like I live in a fortress of doom in the forest where the blood pours with force from my wounds My body aches with this labotamy a part of me shakes open my eyes and awake


released March 22, 2011

All Songs Produced by Kno for Knolan Ryan Productions (ASCAP)
All Cuts by DJ FlipFlop
All Guitar by Willie Eames
Additional Keys on 5, 6, 11 & 14 by Deacon The Villain
Mastered by Change at The Den
Artwork by Lois van Baarle
Layout by Kontrast


all rights reserved



CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky


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