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Rose Azura Njano

by CunninLynguists

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BLQLYTE I think this is the most Cunninlynguists’ underrated project and glad to have this as a vinyl. Cunninlynguists are probably the most unique, exciting group in hip hop history.. cheers from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 Favorite track: Violet (The Upper Room).
larcx13 thumbnail
larcx13 under-rated record. maybe not their best and sticking to a "safe-ish" formula but the poetic lyrics and the production is still on point. Favorite track: Red Bird.
Dakota thumbnail
Dakota It is an exploration of genres that frames a seminal message that rings louder by the day. Also some good tunes about human condition/love/etc. Favorite track: Jimi & Andre (B-Side).
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[Jason Coffey] America I love you even after everything you put my blood through every descendant of a slave oughta cuss you throw a middle finger up and say... America my love's true even after everything you put my blood through every descendant of a slave oughta cut you pull out an AK and spray but that ain't love [Deacon] And on this long road to perdition you might wanna use my navigation system my wisdom shine light through this black prism my rhythm let it guide you through baptism word to Shirley Chisolm I'm truly tryna blaze trails write back senders of the hate mail that keeps comin' caged bird still singing chain gang still drummin' 100 miles and we still runnin 400 years gimme a pound of Bob Marley American flags strapped to the back of black Harleys And if we burn you down it's to begin anew let's pull the sheet off of our history and bid adieu [Natti] Banner in the sky The U.S is alive Everything before it absorb it or let it die Daughter of four fathers no momma to get it right Raised and became a beauty with something ugly inside Growing up abused with bruises of different hues Read white lies now our lady sings the blues Over C notes While we broke And see votes For people both villain and hero Competing stroking her ego That talk the talk come time to walk do absolutely zero Cheer us on the court but when it's foul we ge no free throw But we go hard off hope and for the love With All my heart still covered in blood [Jason Coffey] Like A beauty from the heavens up above but hold her tight you 'bout to see close up past smooth skin you'll find something so rough can we keep her true? I don't know what to do and she don't either red, white, blues red, white, blues red, white and blues
Riot! 04:04
[Deacon The Villain & Natti] Old heads sayin' Why them people outside tryna keep them young boys quiet get low why? them young boys wild lookin' at 'em 'bout to start a riot good Lord! why them people outside? tryna keep them young girls quiet get low why? them young girls wild lookin' at 'em bout to start a riot good Lord! [Deacon The Villain] Look at all the red some whites in blue no rights incites the fight in you for life you no nice you no like my hue you strike we stand straight as a stripe on cue and you ask why we burning up the neighborhood? as if the ghetto was created for the greater good it’s even burning where the savior stood we trying to self destruct this what will make you do it tryna find a nugget of truth in something other than art somewhere other than youth it’s all lies everything under your roof to learn that history’s been slanted just to keep you aloof it reaches moments when even the righteous choose violence from silence to siren a seismic environment in life’s maze maybe what’s left is the right way I hate to blacken yo white day but old heads sayin [Natti] No way left to temper the temperature of the town Hear the brush with death painting Crimson across the ground Down Now Get behind something A cause or some cover Take aim or take suffering News cameras never get the pause Only want the rumble in the jungle when they popping out the claws Civil rights suddenly got a clause Declaring martial law Too many ninjas tightening up they bras Being lioness doesn't make it a lion less And hunting down the Cubs is good way to lie in rest Yes Stress and pressure bust pipes Know it ain't fun when the rabbits behind the sights Seeing fires burning as bright as the city lights Fueled by revolt its highest voltage ignite generations behind with numbers in decline Are now the ones peeking out the blinds In these times saying why [Deacon The Villain] Can I get an R for the Riot? E for emotion? D for devotion? what’s the commotion you ask why we burn up the streets that we live on did we get that notion from across the ocean such self destruction pain and the misery we know nothing of infamy let’s roll play the history book reverse psychology the apology that civil war wasn’t fought for me it was economy look Abe free’d slaves date recorded but it took a hundred years to piss in the same toilet Abe free’d slaves date recorded but it took a hundred years to piss in the same toilet Why them people outside tryna' keep them young girls quiet? conditioned to hate self since we met Christians and taught God needs negus in full submission to man this a devilish plan to pull that monkey business off you’d need one helluva clan ya understand? a devilish plan to pull that monkey business off you'd need one helluva Klan one helluva Klan one helluva Klan Klan Klan
Red Bird 04:21
[Natti] What do wings bring? New heights to reach To soaring somewhere foreign borders to tight to breach Where color isn't covered in a few types of bleach We learning without concern in how it too whites ya speech Preach nest between earth and most high Over streets tar that severe feathers from sky Like star crossed lovers that never said a goodbye But hello to a haven that tethers cheddar to pride Glide Ride air Jordan gave you to breath The only way the ground allows u to leave Please Received a message through a cloud of trees Praying for heaven is hell on the knees Catch a breeze and glide further than the eyes can see Or stay attached to the turf as the minds concedes And never soar So close to Poe every Raven is evermore Or simply weather the storms in search of a perfect shore [Deacon The Villain] She sleeps through the night mother wondering how to change life ain't none of the streets paved in gold just rusted tracks and dusty roads the broken chains we don't discuss she's praying for the miraculous her baby bird gotta fly in this world of hungry hunters guns pointed to the sky hold now let us slow down this little life created by the passions of pain product of plight a daily fight waiting for light this patient student bloodline never saw fit for juriceprudence baby Rose already knows she must spring through summer autumn and winter spring beyond dreams born sinner born winner same thing but no rights for the children of chain this changed queen put it all in her princess all of the knowledge her little brain could ingest told her she could hold the globe in eye sight if she spread wings and soared flew to high heights she could be light see the stark difference never awake to even see the dark's ignorance and only time knows if she prevails cause some times not even a birds eye can see the devil's details
Intro - Deacon] Dearly beloved We are gathered here today to celebrate an electric life Under violet sky I pray you hear our cry Please help us protect what’s right [Natti] Gather your thoughts gather around Painted arrangements mixed from a pallet of sound A casket froze in indigo royal & profound many stems like hymns ounce blossomed from ground But while the reaper is king we carry the crown We weigh it out dreaming screaming or close to even In this sense nobody's perfect nobody is worthless The systems imperfect maybe we should measure in purpose What is yours? what is mine? When do we serve it? Being hood ain't the absence of good Being square don't make you equal or fair It's not an equal affair Weak voices can't speak for a share Speak choices with no when or a where Are you aware? I don't think so Unless your cup runneth over and you still sip slow Or guzzle til nothing complaining when you don't get mo' See another's glass empty & you don't think poor/pour [Hook - Deacon] The upper room is calling What are we suppose to do? The upper room is calling It appears it's just for you [Deacon] Faith We treat it like a four letter word While fear We shout it through the ghettos and burbs Here me my Lord come settle my nerves I pray these words bring honor as the heavens observe And to the sky Where the birds will testify Freedom’s a state of mind Be free any day or time But Reality will make you doubt your actuality The truest fallacy is man can’t change how he sees So it’s death to reason It’s left the legions Wondering where to pledge Allegiance This is my letter to Ephesians The rest We need them Through death The best Are leavin’ [Hook] Some people play the victim Some people play the fool Some people pay the dealer While others pay the dues I don't know what's realer The struggle and the strain Or the guilt that can be built within when making gains Ain't no cheatin' death You can't lie to life Plus everything about you’s hiding in these satellites Other than the one day that Adam had it right Humans are parasites Insatiable appetites So where do we go from there? You ask I think we all trying to figure that out? One nation Under a God Kickin' us out ‘Cause America took and takes the infamous route As we state from state to state let’s be great again Let’s forget the salient struggle of each alien We can parade after we honor the graves Of natives, slaves, women, gays, etc, etc, etc.
[Hook - Trizz] They trying to kick us out the hood, niggas want us (gone) So stressed, smoke good til the marijuana's (gone) Crack a corona, just zone while I'm sippin on it and start to count the last days cus the shits upon us They trying to get us out the hood, them people want us (gone) So stressed, smoke good til the marijuana's (gone) Crack a corona, just zone while I'm sippin on it and start to count the last days cus the ends upon us [Natti] Victims on the pavement Folks who can change it all (gone) Leaving new jacks with nooses to swing with The Carter got a dog park, smoothies and sandals Thanks to the pimps pushers hustlers and vandals And heros they slander hit them with scandles Or literally kill them let the world light candles they (gone) And they ain't coming back black Unless it's on a street sign shirt or a snapBack Underfunded school headstone or a back tat Located in a trap that snap when the rats snack is (gone) And the beast is full No brown on the streets where baristas rule And Two fingers is the only hard peace to pull Which is cool For the tenants that's in it But for hostages of the hard knocks commuted the sentence To a brand new prison they can sit till the bars are all (gone) [Hook] [Deacon] They been killin' off the elders Now the village full of hellions Plus the people want rebellion What do we tell them? Children are resilient But their Innocence is (gone) What are we to teach them? When all the grannies are beneath them And families are divided Sanity is declining Searchin’ But I’ve been told the silver lining is (gone) This is when fear talks ears off Many corporations calculate what a tear cost Morals break down like they biodegradable Too keep the faith or give it up It’s highly debatable We've lost our mind Crossed all lines Gone Are the lights that shine in the darkest times Revolution We in the midst I’m hoping this as bad as it gets Before everyone’s gone [Hook]
[Natti] Hit the clock hit the blinds hit the pine (ay!) Nothing but the hits same shit different time (ay!) Working out the kinks from the mind (ay!) To the spine Shower water calling fluoride on the other line Phone jumping off the dresser In a silent suicide Saved by the pile of designers on the side She answers Her cousin with the body of a dancer Say they gotta chance to be in a video With lil young so and so She swear he's about blow He signed and we dimes so cuzo we got to go Grab hair clothes makeup Garcia Vegas And flock them other birds they gon pay us like we vegas From rental to the highway to rental mansion driveway Greeted by a oily jeweled rapper looking shiny Eye like he used to bully Ice Cube on Fridays Gripping on her waist and grinning in her face and She just want her paper cuz she feeling our of place Couple propositions got her feeling for her mace And her cousin brought her burner she ain't trying to catch a case So they split tires burn tend of the street With a grand Some of none for you and none for me Sometimes you gotta duck instead flying of in a V Fuck flying in a V [Deacon] Hit the clock Hit the blinds Hit the vape Bout to hit the sky Get the 'juan (wand/marijuana) Get the cape Workin' out the kinks But it's love over hate Usually the shower callin' but today she got a date With a claw-foot tub and a back-rub Then her phone start singin' As she bout to hit suds Hits cancel But calls back FaceTime To ignore the moment is a hate crime She mainlines 'Twas her cousin' talkin' 'bout some video She jokes "don't be out there ackin' like some city ho!" And mo' of her mama's quotes Through the smoke Cut through the weeds and overgrowth A Rose Said cuz -- you my blood right? (Right?) You know that all that I say is love right? (Right) You still wanna own a club right? (Right) How ‘bout we talk about it under sunlight? (Right!) [Kno] Deep sigh, close the blinds hit the snooze Nothing but the hits, same shit different tune Glued to the gloom with a mind full of blues Shower water running while she cries in her room Phone jumping off the dresser in a silent suicide Saved by the pile of reminders on the side She doesn’t pick it up She’s numb to the cuts & the wounds on her heart from a life in a rut Texts come in from her cousin but that doesn’t interrupt Dark thoughts on her mind intertwined with the crushed Blue pills by the dozens The only time she doesn’t feel disgusting Is when she’s home alone & she buzzin Clutching to a moment & atoning for somethin She lays by the phone in a zone feelin nothin Uh She reaches back to change the wax As Cannonball plays the sax She fades to black
[Natti] Before rose reached full bloom Nourished in smoke filled rooms Cherished in a juke joint with a pocket size organ Under full moon Sea of black skin Packed in still feeling free moving to The blues Mr Morganfield was in a brand new field where he could pick the rules Cotton filled days hardened fingers chiseled out a stone voice singer Father figure raising hell with her In a sea of hooch and malt liquor earnie burns gave her life pictures memories for everybody's eye Checkered roads round Mississippi Making moves Turned to chess in the chii Raised by a mannish boy Watched him testify in hi-fi Shaping ears all over in a time that he knew would soon pass by Muddy waters fed the roots Now everybody reap the fruits Muddy waters fed them roots Now everybody got some juice, so [Deacon] Seen her work from nine to unconscious Steady tryna figure it out Critics and Holy Rollers they named it all nonsense They didn’t want that shit in they house Glass half full Waters emptied out content Could make a mic remember her name Soul on the floor Every night This was promised These melodies that put an end to the pain Backed by a band of brothers expanding colors Try and imagine new land discovered That's Nawlins Mizzou South Philly That's B-More Harlem in NYC That's where they skit-skat That melodic rap Over the 7th and 11th Can’t call that crap Godmother showed up and she showed out Till a rose filled up it’s pot And broke out grown
[Natti] Before trap gods trapped god in a cellophane A string of psychedelics grew from a better plane he came to her She laid claim to him They blamed the world for painting change as sin Nothing was protected Love was eclectic Sparking a land of ladies electric he was playing fast and loose While she played masseuse in effort to sooth a soul so reckless limbs so restless From fighting the struggle Even a kings reign Can be found in a puddle With plenty her tears mixed in as the lights grew dim With her whole universe tuned in The Purple Haze left behind As a long goodbye To a clouds short life in the sky Eventually rain down purple On this tiny blue marble As a soundtrack to when doves cry [Deacon] I heard a lil black rose croonin’ Musta had a bit of prunin’ Mournin turned noon And lil dew drops got her swoonin Oh Lord Found peace in a Bethlehem manger Oh Lord Fell fast as a feather in a vacuum chamber Oh Lord She from a mean street Many envied all her green peace Didn’t even want her in the game Small change From the cheap seats Oh Lord Watch her grow tho Made of seasonings that we don’t know A seedling with a gold glow Reaching through the snow slow As predators lurk in the corn rows In a world that led her to thorn growth Met a man better than his wardrobe Body language speaking in hormone Oh Lord What to do now? The past got her confused now Paint over the blue Pain is nothing new This queen got a new crown Oh Lord Let’s kneel and pray Allow me put some skin on these words that we say Oh Lord If you up above I’m owed a seed I can sew into love Right
Hustlers 03:30
[Hook] All these hustlers They’re in love with her But love is just a word So they’re just customers [Kno] You met her at a house party, bent You grip a glass while she flicks the sticks Fireball shots & the shit seem lit But yo, she (Yoshi) knows if ya pipe game is 16-bit She a true player in the literal sense Got a flat twist & a cinnamon tint Boomslang hips with a venomous spit The type you can't get without a gentleman's wit But, you bum rides while she glides in a BM Called out at home tryna slide in her DMs From am to pm she’s servin toys Her Red Bottoms covered in the blood of fuckboys On the soles of her primrose pumps You'll find the soul of a two-pump chump Who refused to kick rocks in some beat-up Chucks So just let her put her feet up, cuz She ain't playin witcha! [Hook] All these hustlers They’re in love with her But love is just a word So they’re just customers x2 [Natti] She switch hips and the vibe switch with her Warms up the room like Sunday dinner Mid winter Tap water game won't wet her Cuz she can hear the blues mo better Even with ya shoe game together Gold links for miles She kinda like black dynamite with winks and smiles She prefer goals over gold She can see the diamond in the coal Which is worth tenfold can't handle blunt don't roll Find a smaller mind with a booty on swol U can sweat her but Hollywoods cold Clamor for the glamour till the glitter gets old Or rubs off Go from one in a million to one of many So she can wish u well Probably flip you a penny Ain't trying mate for life at age twenty But needs more than sex in the city [Kno - Vamp] Say ooh, who gon' love you right? Say who, middle of the night Ooh, found love at first sight May not love for life but that’s cool [Deacon - Vamp] Say who, finds love at one sight Say who, always loves you right? Say who, middle of the night They may not love for life but that's just cool
[Farah Elle] Oh honey, oh honey So sweet and so thick and so good on my tongue Oh honey, so sweet So thick and so good o my tongue x2 [Natti] Life's sweet in a suite plenty bees to fly Let the truth peel back and deceit recline Everybody just tryna find peace of mind Love riding shotgun with a piece of mine In a lust disguise or just reverse the sides It ain't the race or the size of the purse that drives Maybe behind eyes where beautiful lies When that bond becomes bondage with similar ties Is this feeling affliction or addiction? Is this even a feeling or a condition? Can it be rolled or packed In bowl Hidden in tracks or packed in ya nose Pure fiction dip a tip in get a taste and feel ya face so you know if it's real bliss is an abyss u meet with a clinched fist So tense u feel ya body is steel A touch of a sugar rush can catch any one of us Bring you to climax and leave you with wanderlust Feeling euphoria trapped in euphoria But that's just her dance name Her real name is nonofya Last name beez-ness Plus that was like way back So far way back so that's Black history If sobers the new sour it's bitter a few hours But then the buzz comes flying back so swiftly Come get me honey [Kno] Soundtrack Chaka Khan Tell Me Something Good Cus she from a little town called I Wish a Muhafucka Woods Back in the hood for the summer Honey lemonade in the shade when the sun-up Laid out by the pool where the fools try to run up Trolling real thick fly-fishin for some cut up Nails all done up, wig honeybun up Som'n like a hazel Princess Leia with her gun up Som'n like, somn like... [Deacon] Somn like honey, make you forget about pain And enjoy the rain Somn like flesh Pressed against your thang, make ya body scream Somn like You can just fill in that blank Aint gotta dig deep in your memory bank Honey aint about the could and can't She for any and everybody in the rank I'm...talking bout you What dreams may come, come feel this cool Ya need to unwind? Come, come get loose In the middle of the crowd where they smile obtuse [Farah Elle] See how my radar's read, I've got inside your head I'll know if you've been bad, I've seen how you handle it
[Intro - Deacon] I mean, to put it simple and plain we're all vibration All of us [Deacon] You know that flicker in the eye It’s rhythm from the sky That light was born before The world had thought of you or I We made from that Underneath the fascia and feeling When the universe is speaking Just to listen leads to healin’ Bow your heads Let me say a prayer for the def Sound is more than hearing May you feel it to it’s depth Music is divine Let me climb inside yo mind Mystic and consistent Was encrypted before time existed Dimensions humankind can’t visit How is it we receiving these vibrations from beyond? We can’t see it like light at morning dawn It’s more like a magician waving wand It shall remain after we dead and gone And all the noise we made is just part of its lexicon. This phenomenon it fuels the spirit If you sit in perfect silence you can hear it [Natti] We suffer from separation Postpartum Birthing a Nation Seeking change like the weather for the worse or for the better Assumptions and accusations Replace perspective and patience Dropping slurs on your neighbor Plenty bleeping four letters Supremacists fight for order Anarchists fight for chaos Most the folks I know they out here fighting for a day job Some just want watch on the sidelines Murders in hi-def claiming they colorblind Blocking out the hue that's uncomfortable to you ain't a condition There's no corrective lenses for decisions And if that cuts to deep there ain't no stitching that incision Rigamortis in thinking keeps u stuck in one position See the beauty in difference Race color or creed First step of growth is simply planting the seed You hunger for peace it's something u gotta feed You verse the universe Go ahead and concede
[Hook - Deacon] This is Earth to Venus from afar I want you to stay right where you are I came here to greet you but I'd rather come & meet you in the stars Can we slow down? (Floating, floating) x3 I'd rather come and meet you in the stars [Natti] You can Wish upon her vision Goddess of my ear Right between the drums thumping everywhere I steer Quick quiver in the rear mirror shaking Thighs pure thunder, take cover in the basement Without this woman's wonder every summer sound basic Nothing on this tiny blue marble but some hatred Everything weightless in space 'tween a kick and a snare On the wings of a White Owl Indica in the air With her hear the green sweet symphony everywhere Rosetta of forever we lucky enough to share Blessing all sessions Breaking down sections In a world gone Planters that separated complexion Engineers occupy booths to hear confessions Add a little compression Over some oppression After mic check 1 2s And testing testing Her body that embodies progression Black music [Hook - Deacon] [Deacon] Starry Night Can I be your Van Gogh Bet from where you stay planet earth is a bando Tryna to get to you, baby, but can’t take a Land Rover I need a starship My little sankofa bird I know that you know That you been moving people since the birth of the crow And all of mankind been on a search for yo glow But this planet don’t give a damn about the worth of your soul But I found consolation in yo constellation The rhythm of your pulse is like a conversation I love the attitude of your improvisation How everything you do’s an artist installation I'm past curious Past sirius So spiritual So mysterious I’ve entered orbit, baby, please hold tight I’m tryna fall deep in your gold light Black Music [Hook - Deacon] [Outro - Deacon] This is Earth to Venus from afar Right next to this tiny orange star I came here to greet you but I'd rather come and meet you where you are


released October 6, 2017


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CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky

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