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Still Motion

by Natti

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Still Motion 01:31
Allow me to introduce myself Roll up a blunt and induce myself Crumbling herb over top of the words written I'm sitting in dro smoke Trying to lose myself Trapped in a life grasping a mic that’s been right for a felon on the loose Instead of cops flashing a light I'm catching a flight Blowing my pipes out just leaking out the truth See what Reefa do Natti bout as country as a mullet in a UK blue Trans-am Blowing out fruit in the passenger side of the coup of a pretty bitch That you can't stand Two can Sam Blowers in both doors I chose Pepsi in the midst of the coke wars Make dope boys wonder what is he dope for? What music has hoped for so we don't wait no more we still in motion Hook I think it’s time to let it go So long it’s had a hold on me (I think it’s time) Paranoia I think it’s time to let it go So long it’s had a hold on me (I think it’s time) Stress I think it’s time to let it go So long it’s had a hold on me (I think it’s time) Jealousy, Greed, Envy I think it’s time to let it go So long it’s had a hold on me
I'm lifted drifting in clouds I created In a world full of sadiddy I'm sedated Faded But not barbershop related More like a jump shot leaned back and made it Kush Soaring through the sky so high Gravity no longer applies In search of truth while the world spin on lies Revised televised tell me lies tell me lies Life is a gamble mark the cards load the dice Backstabbers find the best spines to bury knives May they die the true death addicted to every vice See the barrel and catch every bullet like Jerry rice I feel like Simon Phoenix unthawed and we all nice Rappin soft as hospital Cotten is alright alright Dressed like Brian McKnight in all white pants tight Till they west story and prance light and dance fight Damit This is not my planet At least I hope not cuz I really can't stand it If it is so be it I speak it how I see it Let that be the dirty acres flag pledge allegiance Hook We lifted drifting in clouds we created In a world full of sadiddy we sedated Faded But not barbershop related More like a jumpshot leaned back we made it Free Free as the bird I'm flippin the earth Feed em sour d by the Oscar flippin the earth Run in the blunt catchin the rapture rippin the earth Shotgunin a dime with an extra clip in her purse The type Of chick to suggest that u sit and build with her first Grew up singing in church but dreamed of being a nurse Sayin this that and the first about which rappers she twerked Then she blah blah blah I blasted off to the stars I'm huffin dro out these jars My mind travelin throughout bars I blazed so far to the future my kids were in flying cars I’m set on invading Venus you keep the penis on mars A few medicinal additions and a box of Cuban cigars All I need to escape is some cryptonite and cape A samsonite and some tape for some high shit that I'm building While I'm starring lost at the ceiling, and the paint on the walls is peelin Hear tires on the block squealing and back to earth with the billions
All I Need 03:45
No bags under my eyes Baggies without the eyes My chick sittin thick twisting swishas ova her thighs And keep her hand sittin’ ‘bout waist high Give her the eye touch she give me face time. All I need is to proceed stayin black and die Avoiding penguins suited up just actin fly I need my jeans to fit loose so the hammer ain't tight Patiently stacking paper where the cameras ain't bright I need a way to stripp the stripper glitter outta my clothes And keep the twinkle out my eye when ass is outta control and keep money out the sky as she slide down the pole watch knights that kill niggas ‘stead of watching the throne In an age where bitch made killas follow u home Make it a pistol issue when the mits gettin thrown Need a way to keep my kids safe if ever alone Don't keep the peace by watching they tone ... Skin Hook In a world full of complicated Seeing souls gettin’ compensated With some bullshit cash to flash around Mothafucka You sold out cheap In a world where the educated Learn from the over medicated They’re all tellin’ me You are all I need x 2 Bridge Don’t waste my time With shit that you want No more Don’t waste my time With shit that you want I done watched chicks turn to pimps Pimps turn to johns A world baptized with hate turn to psalms Reparations checks make Natti turn to tron Livin for the city with dice shaking my arm Take a niggas ice to cool down my palm on a real hot streak right now On a real hot street right now Unmarked sharks circling All I needs a cigar and a jar to put the purple in Hole in the ceiling to stash shit Used to have a hole in the wall I ain't have shit Busted bucket for a whip my chick was a half wit Couldn't stack a dime talkin grip in the past tense Now all I ask is to keep all that black history You miss me with that bullshit once keep missing me I hit the set around the time my P.O quit pissing me Round the time that y'all started listening.
Stars on the ground and scraping the sky Steam underneath streets, hells baking a pie Even those with vertigo finding ways to get high One hand motion for hello and goodbye I'm waving Through the land of wind and bricks To the sands of expensive chicks To the neon Babylon of sins and chips To the Mecca of the blues where they booze and expose they tits And all others in between I've seen During the course of me sleep running chasing a dream I wanted to stay longer take in the scene Soak up the sun bake in the green baked of the green Kush and haze like peaches and cream in one bowl Coughed so hard I seen my soul Fought so hard I've seen my goal It's a long ways off but at least I know Seeing sights through my eyes will increase my flow Let the piece without a clip be the peace I grow From show to show where the skylines glow Once again goodbye and hello to the Hook Bright lights big city Everything is so pretty In the city Well, tonight Sometimes the other side of the curtain ain't sweet Pretty can turn ugly like when eyebrows meet In a fairy tale Oz where the high brows speak for the poor Who click heel for hot meals to eat The gold ain't paved its pawned in the street Monkeys think they fly but never leave concrete Seen girls go from actresses to mattresses Grabbed and flipped over by they axises Keep strange hands where they asses is Make the music wich ya mouth baby that's the Biz Confusing making moves with making bastard kids On Maury tryin’ to find out who the daddies is Big city swallow you whole mind body and soul Lambo in the ghetto every part of you gone Sittin on bricks missing wishing for home Lights so bright your vision was blown by the Hook
Natti I don't need a strap in my lap at all times Automatic five for felons that tote nines Riding city filthy trying to contemplate Smoking that orange for a minute made me concentrate Just add water Because it’s a dirty game when players ain't really playing Pulpit pushers are slanging salvation and heavy praying Young ones juggling drugs because the circus it entertaining The role model say on the surface it's entertainment Up until the arraignment the shit gets real Did you hustle for big wheels grills and record deals Grown destined to pay a bitch’s bills bills bills I ain't judging I love them when they got skills in heels But what about your lights What about your rent What about them loud pipes spewing gas you spent Hip hop honey burn through money earned off corners you bent Feast turn to famine fam and now that bitch Is useless Hook Hey You don’t have to worry ‘bout today (shit ain’t perfect) It’s OK (shit ain’t perfect) Hey You don’t have to worry ‘bout today (It ain’t worth it) It’s OK (It ain’t worth it) Chu Rich niggaz making poor decisions Million dollar cribs but don’t support their children Poor niggaz making rich decisions Gotta pay the rent or pay the speeding tickets Lord, the unemployed felon been unemployed size 9/11 But his kids still want them nines and elevens Last year foot grew to a size seven, now it’s full price Nicotine fiend smokes two packs a night or two packs of white; it’s just true facts of life First was Chris Paulin’, now he eight ballin’ House full of fiends, babies in the corner crawlin’ Moral of the story is darling Water too high then don’t try to be a marlin ‘Cause the hare with the speed of Clinton Portis Couldn’t even compare to the flare of the tortoise
Freddie Gibbs I’m like a nigga fresh up out the county, nothin’ but killers around me In the bathroom on my knees trying to flush the dope when they found me and the men behind these walls murder niggaz that get to mouthy down to die for my dignity, God bless the nigga that doubt me Cause it’s either me or him and I’m damn sure choosin’ me If there’s confusion both of us gon’ be using in the street I got to do some shit to them ‘fo they do some shit to me Niggas kill you when you ain’t lookin’ they knew they couldn’t compete I’m just as crooked as a politician, cold on my competition Takin’ chances so I can pay the price that’s for proper living Got one foot in the grave and one foot in the penitentiary Snitches that speak my name hope you choke and die when you mention me Bitch, ‘cause all my life I live illegal Don’t give no fuck ‘bout the law and my pockets be just zero I’m thinkin’ ‘bout take these kilos from these three amigos Do the shit the American way, nigga, you know how we roll Hook I’m just like you And you just like me Gettin’ high, yeah, chief my tweed Said I’m just like you And you just like me Hustle hard, tryna slang my speech Said I’m just like you And you just like me In the jungle tryna raise my seeds Said I’m just like you And you just like me Yeah we all got wants and needs Said i’m just like you Natti I like my chicks thicker than the bottom of the kool-aid pitcher And my swishers thick enough to be a magic city stripper Full of that sticky icky got to flick it off your finger Haters can't hit it with me rather flip them all the finger Use to stay off in my peep hole expecting them people Walkie talkies donuts and coffee wrapped up in street clothes Loose lip niggas disrespecting the g code I don't fuck with nobody what they fuckin with me for I'm just out here chasing mines trying to watch my step While the watchers watch your hustle watch your watch so watch your neck if you know what time it is you can't be slipping for a sec And if you on what I'm on your life is playing through the deck
From the supplier to the buyer business 101 And all the bullshit in between just to get that done That's why your phone is worth more than a gun because if your Hitter ain't hitting you don't need either one Re up in front profit sits on the back end And if you start with ghost they going to turn int pack men Eating up your numbers as your losing your traction I cook my own shit up I don't see the attraction Remember back when the government hated it There minority report was the script that created it Now a days they damn near placing a stake in it And the markets flooded with artist who really ain't saying shit I like a party just as much as the next cat In solitude I need food pure as a snow cap They murdered our voices and the choices is no match BET even cut the uncut in the dope stash Hook I’m serious about my paper said I’m tryna stack it to the sky Another day in the life of the pusherman Everybody want to get high said I’m serious about my paper I get ‘em high, high, high Another day in the life of the pusherman I get ‘em high, high, high Between all the hidden fees and the palms to grease It's time to start tapping into action overseas Something that or government doesn't oversee Where they appreciate the pureness of the fix they need Just ask Slick, Doug and EPMD peddling their wares elsewhere getting their cheese The Internet was backing soda added to coke Politicking around the world without a plane or a boat But the stick up kids online shaving your dope Spread it around watering down your quarterly notes Burning your quotes turning half your product to smoke And when it clears you got a name but you partially broke You want to quit but you addicted to rhyme Try to switch to crime a you looking at time Your lifestyles conflicting with a nine to five Permanent pusherman ladies loving your lines Inhale
Filthy Hard 02:41
My hands stay filthy the road stay hard Everybody with a burner want to play god Everybody speaking for him say to pay god My money kind of funny I guess I'm a stay flawed But he already know that he's kind of my AR nobody else to catch me or cushion my downfall Eat without me I'm snacking without y'all Pretend around me I'm snapping without cause Play for bread beans meat I don't win I don't eat A monkey can't beat a man but he land on his feet Well I'm a gorilla nigga when I land on the street Breaking bricks down like mix down to concrete Standing strong as you sit down upon seat It's price of admission please pay attention The horses that drive my motor just piss in your engine I switched the game others switch they position Hook My hands stay filthy The road stay hard Everybody with a burner wanna play God Everybody speaking for me say to pay God My money kind of funny I guess I’ma stay flawed x2 I can't give you a helping hand right now on all thumbs I speaking out to teach you about them Lose ones Them singles that you holding are mold in the woods It grows on bigger trees than those in the hood Jumping in the rat race making them little runs Niggas needing cake can't settle for honey buns But they keep you in it long as you don't spend it Throwing money like rice in the club every minute Dea outside behind windows that's tinted Scheming to catch me I'm chiefing and relaxing Checking for them chickens I send them eaters to zaxbys Chickens I touch got titties and plenty back piece Folks this is self rappin at self I stay close to the edge like books on a shelf Tried to get paid but the knowledge wasn't wealth Free school wasn't cool what was college gon' help
Only one can take the glory the one who stands tall before the gods Sheisty Khrist Wolves, nigga… That’s right.. Yeah.. For you! Rappers ain’t rapping bout life, they got a movie feel Fuck a rap contract give ‘em a movie deal See I just look em up and down like, “will you be real?” I’m here to shine a lil’ light on em like a movie reel I’m sick of seeing people stuck on the same shit This life is a bitch yo, we suck on the same tit These rappers ain’t legit I can’t fuck with this lame shit The truth is me and you we fucking the same chick, nigga This ain’t rap, it’s the Shrine of the Black Madonna In fact it’s the attack of nine black piranha A single line separates the mind from Dhammapada I just focus on the breath and my spine, Pranayama You keep your eye out for those who seem deranged ‘Cause some are out for blood you just can’t see the fangs I pop in the glock clip and let freedom ring Even Jesus had a gang (bang!) auf wiedersehen Hook Before the gods Only one who stands before the gods Vegas Posada Yo, you fuckin’ with a great deal of anger; beyond entertainment I had my share of shootouts, holding the stainless Couldn’t sleep, kept my ear to the streets, but I was faceless Snake niggas put the cops onto me, just out of hatred Had to mold my grind, expose the nine, never froze inside The one moment will rise where altercations Staying drunk most the time was a sign of aggravation They was a-alike all was a lie they started fakin' So I immortalize my shine; and went for the take and the drop Was so extreme I thought I’d die, but I made it I was on something, blood pumping felt it all in my stomach Flooded with hundreds, dice games, I was scrapin’ Life’s kinda dangerous it takes it turns, but it has it’s angles Nine in the clip; one in the chamber, The God Vegas fought Carnal Nature, broke the arms of satan You’d rather die for a reputation, I’m killing time in the House of David, Building the shrine from amounts of paper, Counting dimes as my flock of ravens All aligned in they proper places Gabbana frames 6 glocks in they name with the diamond bracelet Hook Natti I hear y'all rapping at me I hear y'all trapping happy Offer me tides of candy rides and booty clapping Offer my alter your sickest j's and gucci shades I leave you nothing but residue and razor blades Now take your fiction bricks and break them down to zones This is a game of thrones played to the skull and bones Rulers with no subjects rapping about fly shit In the scale of my creations what’s smaller than fly shit But y'all don't seem to get it Or wanna understand Until a Titan is smiting with an open hand A hair away from igniting you where you fucking stand If my mind was an ocean you'd be a grain of sand You the voice of the block You the choice of the hood But when you choose to use your voice shots sugary good You’re an abomination I make a proclamation You live for whips and chains then be a dominatrix
NATTI Yeah yes yes it is Will you take it all in and look at it? The way the bricks are built to move bricks Hustle up a pristine castle of toothpicks Fused with the glue of accruing a few whips Feeling brand new with your crew in some new whips Living room laid at expense of a few flips Alphabet soup landscaping with shoe prints Admiring the spiraling steps and marble floors Feeling triumphant Victory in (Victorian) doors Snitches sound trumpets, agents coming in yours On behalf of a great nation. Donation Got you in a cell pacing mind racing Praising you while appraising your foundation King for a day in a palace of crown molding Now you get to see the crown, molding Kingdom stolen Give you work let you bubble and make it double with time Step back and admire the design HOOK Such a fantastic piece of architecture x2 SHA STIMULI They said it was Kool Herc that laid a foundation for us to move with But in 30 years Diddy and Jigga altered the blueprint The ancestral feel got modernized in a new sense But newer isn’t always better; its like a nuisance To see something lovely and ugly And simultaneously make you feel like you wanna punch it, love it and lay wit it I stand there watching the tourists view it and hate on it And young kids mess up the artifacts and they play in it And really once the structure became something to profit from the Mike Tyson mansion’s the prototype when you’re pockets done You lookin’ at the Joneses so focused like, “Yo, im coppin’ some cars, cribs, jewelry, a trophy wife and a pile of guns” Wow, sometimes I marvel at the moving ceilings Artists keep on reaching; labels act like marvel super villains Been locked in ten years no shine I just step back and admire the design SUBSTANTIAL Gaze at a beautiful mess a broken angel of sorts good intentions on a foundation with no joists, but the floor plan look promising focus on profiting rather than keeping seeds blossoming mind boggling how they remodeling, my God! only wish they made our children as brilliant as this façade hard not to be amazed by the maze we got here reach the next level no clue how you got there when the occupiable space is overcrowded you feel somehow detached can’t wait to get up out It it all is part of the site plan some people feel the fault is that of the white man we help build it, ain’t teachin’ shit at home but never miss a day on the job build with brittle stone eventually things fall apart the structure we’re viewing slowly become ruins in time but for now just admire the design
Dedicated to the unapologetically ebony With That midnight skin java true dark blend Many other beautiful hues but we where they begin The first perspective of the spectrum none could ever contend None could ever pretend Your completions a blessing Even without the magazine you are the essence of essence Black queen relaxing on a bed of acceptance What are stars without space but a fleck of reflection Where the new black panthers cuz I feel we regressing Seeking answers black fist balled up for protection Took a swing at your aura Take a shot at pride Sambo or django pick a path and survive I ain't with being stepped on I am a set stone In a band not rolling no controlling my shine Workin’ through human nature to a flawless design It's not a race between races the opponent is time Hook There’s a difference between life (life) And living (living) Carbonado shine most beautiful And when you’re living that life (life) Pressure It creates the shine that comes from you I am hardly Garvey and far from west And if you think I mean Kanye you havin’ a blonde day This is about a movement this is improvement Black son of the south makin uppity music Been called the N word now it's the in word Now we wanna delete it treat it like a pretend word Some of us choose to use it and return it to sender Others try to switch it mix it up in a blender Why mince words since words are just that Ain't nobody told you good black don’t crack I'm mo’ worried ‘bout how we gonna get back on track Than how many weak rappers cook crack on wax Where my entrepreneurs at Who open the doors that Lead to something other than prison sleeping on floor mats If we can break the cycle we can rewrite the format From between the rock and the hard place where diamonds are formed at
Cecil Gardner Look on the news, nothin but lies, maybe lies mixed with a lil bit of truth you know but that’s how shit is you gotta see above that shit instead of lookin’ dead at that shit It’s the life we live, the land we live in Started in grade school Feedin’ young niggas education as fake food was they tool Turn niggas to straight fools Put us in positions where they teach us to break rules Views center under definitions of state rules Give you one shot in life, never a take two, Give us they news while they tell us to stay tuned and in the meantime we gotta focus and make moves It’s a hard knock and when you factor in hate too You understand the barriers that seldom we break through But why us, deny us the simple freedom to rise up God or the dollar bill I’m ‘spose to give my trust In a state of confusion Now I’m stuck in state court prosecutor accusing Using the fact I was moving to move em, the judge that is But they don’t understand the movement (true shit) Who snitched? you, bitch? ‘Cause on me them pants come very loose fit See I am a virgin but you get fucked by pussy with loose lips ‘Cause niggaz can’t handle the burden Back to the courtroom sweatin’ and nervous Waiting on your honor here to give me a verdict He look me in my eyes asked me, “was it worth it?” My reply, “in life sir nobody’s perfect All I ask is the chances to show my purpose And to show this courtroom this black man ain't worthless” Im praying hoping he don’t Jackson like Curtis Wit a fake grin for your years of service Hook They told me to pledge my allegiance I told em to suck my indecent proposal suppose you told whoever knows you no truth backstabbed whoever knows you Natti My middle finger stands firm as the system that gets it May they all lounge with Lucifer this instant Welfare is the opposite of what I see depicted They brought it like crack and now the hoods addicted Mom as on backs and daddy is out pitching He goes legit moves in they going to evict them Divide and conquer sons without fathers Surviving contra guns without armor Black white brown from lower to middle class Politicians need votes they speak for the little man Election over they forgetting your little ass from housing collapse To the jobs that we lack Fucking off funds we earned off our backs Seizing millions in drug money where do they put that Not in education not in medication They led us into flames so why they leading the nation
Hook All my people Come and walk with me See the things I”ve seen On the underground railroad x 2 Seen talented rappers with music coming out there pores Reduced to nothing more than chalk lines on a floor Because a double life's a troubled life And don't know no other type It's just us blind holding scales and a corded mic Flow so underground sounds traveling through the water pipes Still I keep striving most ain't surviving Holding mothers in tears because there sons aren't rising Gears in a machine of not stop grinding For whips, chains, slaves to the cane Ain't nobody playing but we calling it the game Don't confuse it with music because your name will get you slain And this rap shits a tactic to flip a little change I got to go harder to show my seeds a way Teach them while they grow how not to throw their dreams away This railroad track led me straight to the A but my local motives always smoking in the K Hook Now I've seen the scene just in between blowing up and quitting Obscene the things I'm weaning from addicted to a living Posted like a poster on the wall in one position Pieces of my soul become the coal that fuels my engine Steaming round the world to foreign fans that want to listen In Sweden going hard in England going hard Through Switzerland where border guards try to pull your card Fans in the thousands hearing screams and applause Come home hustling still my fool time job Because them screams and applause ain't keep my lights on Learned the world ain't on your team because they're singing your fight song so I got to own the moment and hold it till I'm gone I've been on these tracks and traveling for a while Seen nigga dreams start unraveling over miles Surrender in their eyes disguised by faint smiles I might rest for a minute but nigga I'm never down


released September 24, 2013

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14 & 15 Produced by Deacon The Villain
Tracks 2, 7, 9 Produced by Kno
Track 14 Co-produced by SunnyStylez

Additional vocals 1, 3, 5, 9, 10, 14 by Deacon The Villain

Executive Produced by Deacon The Villain & Kno

Album Recorded at A Piece of Strange Studios (GA), Nitrosonic Recording (KY), Salem Psalms Library (GA) & Saint Claire Recording Company (KY)

Mastered by Brian "Change" Penney at www.TheDenDigitalStudios.com
Artwork by GodTail

Thanks to my family by blood and by bond (you know who you are). In addition, thanks to anyone reading this.



all rights reserved



CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky

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