Strange Journey Volume Three

by CunninLynguists

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released April 1, 2014


all rights reserved



CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky


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Track Name: Strange Universe f. Del The Funky Homosapien
Del The Funky Homosapien:

Yo, jumped out the starship
Hittin Illuminati
Hi-fivin' Zentradi
Karate chopping martians
Sparks in the brain chamber
Way braver
Came with more anger & danger than gang bangers
Megabeast in the space house
Some will never see the
Energy resonating they steady hating
Lost on a foreign installation
Spinning wayward on an asteroid
Aim at it, laugh and destroy
Master noise
Feel the flame
Kill the game
Resilient frame of mind
Never contain the nano-tech disease
Get sneezed out
Degrees outlined and defined what it be about I see it now
Electro-convulsive therapy got em aware of the clarity
Being compromised in the air they breathe
Fear is weak, better to bully they way around with chemtrails
Phase One
ready to chow down

Stranger in they own skin, danger from they own kin, something controlling them
Covert undercover emotional rollercoaster make em hurt one another
Stranger than fiction, anger predicts the probability of friction
Where does it lead to, the information vehicle, what does it feed to you?


Yea, well
We riding of beams of light, quite blinding
Shining like diamonds worn by Orion
Holodeck dining
Glitches that sneak swine in
Blazing at a speed that threatens to fold time in
Crop signing
Fresh to death start signing
Grab cigarillos, we leaving in t-minus
Gold diggers, grab picks, start mining
Expertise needed proceed to start climbing
Or give em two shoulders, born from cold climates
Hittin hyper drive in the whip that you're hype to drive
Space invaders
Clicked up with one side
With 2-bit movements we leave em stranded on stupid
Smoking earth and regroupin
Reach the moon then we moon them
This journey is strange as the range that I reach when I'm shroomin’
Track Name: In The City f. Zumbi of Zion I

In my city is blacks and blocks
Where avenues and street tops where people
struggle to sleep Ahk
theres trouble and beef, gold teeth rocks get
thrown at the higher power but don’t reach Pops
aint home, Mama been long
gone away, so the children run stray
Cannibalistic war play
Its animalistic where I stay
The devil wan' play
and too many contestants
thats every day
The level gon stay where it’s at,
Stay strapped.
It’s the mantra recital it conquers the bible.
By any means see survival.
When friends turn to rivals its liable for these confrontations to be homicidal.
A dog hollers back at the sirens
The pain is so blinding
forgot we all diamonds


Corner stores, whores
Drugs galore
Exploitation's core
Guns and gore
I abhor each metropolis between these shores
and then I see it
Faith in humanity restored
An act so selfless that I break out in applause
Giving so elvish that it must be Santa Clause
In the city
Foaming at the jaws
That's kept the voice of justice in its claws
Get the gauze
It can silence the loudest man
Whether concrete, dirt, whether canal or sand
You can blacktop
But the backdrop remains
With the same plots
Repeating like famed refrains
The stains
Stare at ya
Intensity of character
Gotta be darwinistic
Got a propensity to bury ya
Home of the merriest
Land of the nefarious
Tomorrow it's the city that will carry us
Track Name: South California f. Tunji
She had a Cali beach body bearin skin I love
Even though Natti country as a bear skin rug
Southern charm got her arm interlocked with mine
Kentucky-fied chicks talking greasy all the time
"She think she too good, she think she dope"
Bitch if she thought them things she’d be right bout both
She came to UK screaming "CATS!" all day
Bled blue since she used to watch Tayshaun play
Loved the color in the trees when the leaves would fall
In the south getting high like cholesterol
My kinfolk would tease her best of all
About her west coast shakes made of vegetables
Talking hella proper like reading a teleprompter
Long ass legs looking fly as a helicopter
But on final descent bad news was sent
Not a Hollywood divorce but a bluegrass split and she went

I met her on the corner of Abbot Kinney and Venice
She said her life was a movie and finding me was the premise
Taught her bout love, she was willingly my apprentice
Sex like a drug she played the role of a chemist
Supplying me with a feeling I never thought I could fathom
Cupid shot me right in the chest with his golden handgun
Point blank
Joint full of dank in the left palm
Riding in my ladyfriend’s car coming down Crenshaw
Cruisin’ through the city bumping Biggie doing 60 in a residential
You got me feeling like heaven sent you
So forget the rumors and what all your jealous friends do
Always put my lady first I’m so presidential
She’s picture perfect wit a small frame
But she had to fly back south when the fall came
I got the feeling that she mighta had another
She’ll be gone til June but she’s mine for the summer because…
Track Name: Drunk Dial f. Murs & Grieves
It's four o-clock on a Sunday morning
Who the hell is calling my phone?
Waking me up I'm stretching and yawning
If you had any sense you'd leave me alone

Wee hours of the morning and word is bond
I’m in jail I need bail again, the word is bond
Not James in a tux with olives draped on my cup
With a dame all on me with healthy letters to cup
So what up?
Can you free me ‘fore my prints get back?
And they run em through the system and realize that I'm black
All I remember was the stripper then I faded to rack
Said her name was December than she sat on my lap
"Merry Crimmuh"
Liquor and higher power my witness
I thought fleeing The People was just a matter of fitness
With all these nice drinks, compliments of Dennis
Whoever the fuck that is
"Dennis is this!"
Two middle fingers up
"Dennis is this!"
Dennis tab maxed out on titties and fifths
Whoever the fuck Dennis, is Dennis is pissed!
Cus I don’t think that dude we was drinking with was Dennis at all, fam!

Ha, Yup,
im aware it’s four in the morning
but I just wanna tell you im drunk and im kinda horny
I know it gets annoying, but I been losing my grip
Every woman I talk to I treat like a fair piss and it’s a bitch
Mainly cuz I now consider you one
I wanna let you go but every time I seem to screw up
Now that’s the problem with the space that you occupy
It’s going great and then the thought of you would cross my mind
A box of wine and a carton of coffin nails will
Convince me now would be a great time for hate mailin’
Like "Hey bitch! How the hell have you been?
Remember me? We were dating and you slept with my friends!"
I just thought that I’d remind you in case you ever forget it
And train yourself to believe that you're not a terrible wretch
You broke my heart into like a million pieces
So here’s another dim-litted picture of my penis

What the fuck is going on Grieves
You saved my number under the wrong name in your phone?
Is that a picture of your...?
I'ma pretend I didn't see that
All that rain got you suicidal up in Seatt...ohhhhh
You had to much to drink again
Whiskey & a cellphone ain't never gonna be your friend
You booze you lose, homie you been warned
You better off using your cellphone to watch porn
Grab some lotion & a napkin
Jack off off then pass out
All these drunk texts'll have you fucked off and ass out
I hope you black out before you do anymore damage
I checked your timeline, homie...why you Tweetin in Spanish?
I understand if this is what you gotta go through
But when you sober up I got some screenshots to show you
And Grieves, gonna be hella happy that all of them texts didn't go through
Track Name: The Morning f. Blu & Psalm One
Psalm One:

I give you everything, yo
Standing in front of you naked crying again and I feel like a tyrant
I told you once that I loved you more than music, I was lying
But I swear you’re the closest second
And I am the most depressive
But you really make me better
And I really tried to let ya
This angry love a lecture
Vulnerability measured
You calm me with your presence
When you leave me I get reckless so I’m retchin'
And hopefully I throw up all these Catch 22’s
How could you win when I’m losing me fool?
Sucks to be truth that we through but we not
Catch us in bed it’s so oooh! we three hot
Maximum pressure for you to see right through my heart
You so smart you can pick me apart
Playing the cards I was dealt as an only child with a single mom I got Abandonment issues for days and if you make me mad I’m gone
So I’m wrong
Now come and make me right while my eyes are dancing
You see just how I’m standing
Plus I’m a Cancer


Naked as in ass out, dusted without a cent
Sex was twerkin for us and love spray was the scent
Made it rain while we singles, so emotionally spent
While building our house of love she came short on the rent
Fell head over hills (heels) but couldn't feel the decent
The quicker the lights flicker the quicker the liquor hits
I was feral, out to get lucky
Her ass was heaven above me
And I was dying to go there
as soon the spirits touched me
Club lights can turn Misses Fugly to Misses Fucks Me
Cus I ain't talkin slick trick, don't confuse it with rusty
We left our love in that condom under your sister's truck seat
My bucket wasn't fly enough for you after our first meet
No need to be thirsty, no need to rehears the
One night standing between you and your next me.
Send me a nice picture, you still thick as a swap meet
But stop callin, breathing hard and whispering to me softly

Yo, you prolly thinking that you know me huh?
Know me so well that you can’t show me none
Well I showed you once, I know that
I told you only once and what you do?
Take the full nine yards and scored a touch
But your hand went right through me you, thought you know me huh? Thought that you could see me when you woke up
but you woke up and you know what?
You prolly realize that you ain’t know much
The Cold Crush, the so what you told your homies for four months like
"We was so drunk"
Even though you learn to roll blunts
Now how you think I feel about that?
You used to feel my tracks, feel my raps
Tell me who you finna' know as real as that
It's true, you could see right through me but see me truly
Don’t think that you could screw me and tell your homegirls you used me Like you didn’t know this nigga?
Know such and such and know so and so
but honestly?
I know how you really feel when you close the door
and I’m right there
Mr. Invisible in your right ear
It’s funny how one night can make you feel like it’s a year
but yea, for real
Track Name: Innerspace f. Toby

I remember as youngin'
Slummin' with my crusaders
Garcia Vegas, burglarizing neighbors for Segas
Lil schemers, countin' Beemers, Benzes & Acuras
It's tough to count blessings when battlin' Count Dracula
Life's fangs'll drain yo blood in floods
Can't wade in that water because of rogue scuds
Role models taught us you oughta just role up
In life there's no love whatever yo role was
Find wealth
No need to find self
Stand in line until you find your spot on a shelf
Don’t mean to sound cold, got my soul singing baritone
Feelin' down low
To think
Of those in this winter with no mink, or folk
weathering this desert with no drink to cope
Some chain smoke with no link or hope
Just dope, tree and a rope

You are the living truth of life ooh ooh
The fastest can’t run from who they are
I’d run from self but no man can run that far (x2)


Turn the page, eventually I hit a certain age
Learned that all the freedom was worthless when you’re afraid
Success can often be a perfect cage
Searching for a way to stay the same while the world will change
A prisoner, trapped in the regret
Cuz the ego can’t keep up if they happen to reject it
Sometimes you want so bad to be respected
Goin’ after it ‘til you’ve left your happiness neglected
I’ve seen the weakness in grown men
Playing games with their pain, they cheat but they don’t win
Seen ‘em feed the needle deep into their own skin
Tryna find a fleeting bit of peace in that moment
More success to fix what’s left
Take an even bigger risk like after this I’ll rest
Til he painted with a razor on his wrist a red
The color of lips, pucker up it’s the kiss of death


I’m Bustin’ Loose, no Wilder, just a Pryor (prior)
and that debt was paid in spades and barbed wire
Later use eyes to weigh and move fire
Then moved crowds in wades with hellfire
Meet a fan, kick it witcha, take a picture
Sign both titties and give a pound to your mister
It’s been real
Realer than steel I’da grabbed before I picked up a pen and a pad
Shit it’s been chill
Chiller than the look in the eye of a junkie when he’s looking to buy looking to fly
Pyrex on the good eye of a broke stove
Pyramid of cans, tin foil with poke holes
Soft white girl break your nose and gets harder
Revenge of the caine (Kane), the original Get Carter
Take your favorite star, make him into a martyr
Life ain’t Trending, it’s ending
See farther
Track Name: Guide You Through Shadows f. Substantial & RA Scion

Once upon a time fell in love with an aura
but the horror
Said she couldn't love me till tomorrow
Oh the disdain when tomorrow never came
I was a moth to her flame named martyr
Met her on the Marta
King station
oh the irony
So many wrinkles in my mind.
In no time, she would iron me out
Help me find what i was about
Give me water that could last in a drought
I was lost in the shadow of death
She had the valleys and peaks
and with the shallowest breaths
She told me bout light
Took me right to the crest
Showed me darkness
the heartlessness
Parked in it's depths
I was kept 'tween them legs
Where she refereed'd me
Was confused but her clues
Brought the best I could be
to the top
When she left
Thought I'd drop
But instead
Tilted head back and watched
You see
You see


When... you took me by... the hand
Friends... who disguised... they plans
Went... from allies or fam
To enemies well I’ll be damned
Oh man the light’s so blinding dog
Amazing if you’re seeing I without a guide at all
Ninjas will hide in fog, predators close on prey
Son will come out tomorrow, today he throwing shade
I couldn’t see it
Before I wasn’t hip but then our trip made me believe it
Guided me thru darkness where route ain’t known as scenic I’m seeing
These so called angels cast the shadow of demon... the reason
Envy... they want what you’re eating
Like they’re inclined to dine on spoils you been receiving
They ain’t help you grow or give you land to plant the seed in, it’s seeming
They only pick you when they see you are in season...Eden

RA Scion:

1, 2, 1, 2
Let the goddesses guide us, goddesses guide us
Yo I’m solely dependent
On the benefits of the soul of those energies in it
Fuel the soul and power the motor
We been the descendants
Ever since she sent us the motive
Witches apprentice
Hold us Aluna by the shoulder to show you the road is
Full of so much you’d never notice
Legend after focus adjust though, and step closer
We kept going so Ya’ll could see what’s floating in the waters
I go with the torch to the farthest corner for its over
We provide guidance, through this form of applied science
Writers alliance, we tryna shine a light behind us
For seekers to follow, beacon keep blinking eternally
This journey is hell that’s why I felt compelled when Deacon hollered
My people need reminding it’s some life lessons
How we define us specimens of the divine essence
How to find direction whenever dead of night has set in
Challenge your fears
Shadows only appear when light is present
We guide you, we guide you
Through the darkest parts of life to spark a light or to
Help you to see a few emcees who’s here to fight for ya
Signs of victory reliance on the highest order
Track Name: Castles f. Aesop Rock & Sadistik

He said, 'Fuck sobriety, death to the worker bees'
Thirteen circles I've stepped for eternity
Burning purple, stressed on a murder spree
It's self-inflicted, don't get it twisted
These knives in my back now, Elliott Smith (yeah)
Rides in the background, melodies fit (yeah)
Mixed with The Misfits, fixes the hurt
When the lips that I kiss with press to the dirt
French-kiss vixens, distant and cursed
Burned bridges occurred from scriptin' my words
Word, so I'll chisel a verse
On these lie-filled halls that I've lived in and searched
I'm still lost in a head of catacombs
Cause I build walls like I'm Edgar Allan Poe
I've killed off every damsel that I know
For castles that I keep, castles that I know


I'm having spirits in the dark
Laying under moonlight
Laughing with a stranger like I’ve saved her from her doomed life
Pop a couple percs
A perk of anonymity
Trapped within a curse that I created with my energy
A path that I rehearse
A cycle on repeat
Life is like a lion and i’m dying at it’s feet
I roll another a sweet
Check my muted Treo
I’ve seemed to miss the plot
too busy caught up in the b-roll
My eye up to the key-hole
Scared to turn the knob
and go out on my own
Instead I blend in with the mob
My memory bank the only thing I tend to rob
and every time I’m thrown the lob i’m out of Dodge
It’s hard
On the blvd
and other cliches
The type of bullshit that I’m feeding self these days
Corrosion on my relays
One day my mirror shows
an Emp in new clothes

Aesop Rock:

I mow a dead lawn
Aim for the alpha
Ten claws deck the halls of Valhalla
Not a man or receptacle for crestfallen matter
Never tempered or pressed into patterns
But just won’t die
Instead of palpitation from the plasma
Pumping disenchanting anecdotes
And antiquated data at 'em
I get these headaches that climb down into my stomach
Then off in my extremities and out into the public
In a flood of shadow puppetry
Something in the air
Got a tiny pull of energy becoming self- aware
Its recognizing family in alpha numeric characters
Scenery and deities with unassuming avatars
Close encounters exacerbate his condition
From placid to a bastion of classic misdirection
Tune into the Casio adventures
When the rest of me can barely form a God damn sentence!
Track Name: Kings f. Sheisty Khrist

Sire of sires, hiding behind squires
Similar to the emperors transparent attire
My guillotine swings and kings become silent
Let the blue blood run red to make violet
Let the brand new blood shed define violent
Fighting over the chair that's highest up in the air
The crown lives forever for never a lack of heir
How do lambs try to come to lay claim to a lions share?
Everybody claim to have a kings just cause
Most wanna be the king just cus
Its become about as mindless as Midas minus the touch
Or a search and seizure of Ceasar's whole harem of sluts
Minus the nuts
Top of the mountain is much colder
Coming for the crown that's rapped round ya molar
Striking to bring fin to a shit eating grin
Most made men turn maiden
Few are brave till the end

Sheisty Khrist:

They playin checkers not chess
Check the way that I move on the set
King shit
On the throne leaning, leg across the armrest
Gold chains draped on my neck
King shit
I seen guys with dreams they had wings to fly
Get crushed like flies
King shit
The king dies, and darkness will touch the skies
But the sun shall rise
King shit


You can bow or watch your bough break
If the King swing leave you looking like some round steak
You just jest
Punch you in your clown face
Fire turned flesh
Turn you in you into pound cake
Smokin something loud as the crowd
When this castle forged steel came round to ya brow
And ya crown fell
I'm flyer than the ravens
Carrying the news on your new found enslavement
Any last words for your tombstone engravement
As laymen lay with yo ladies as payment
Cool enough to pull a coup in a coupe
That weak talk make me sick, somebody brew me some soup
Any regrets I'll let you brood in a noose
When I come home to roost get reduced (hol’ up!)
And fuck ya flag you need trust for truce
Death to anyone who cuts you loose
I'm talking that king shit
Track Name: Hot f. Celph Titled & Apathy
Celph Titled:

Now when I see the man in the mirror
I see an animal clearer
The teeth look sharp, and and ain’t a man that’s much realer
I do somersaults and flips with nunchucks like a ninja turtle
I’m very bold, I’ll sell crack on an infomercial
I tell you what, if I don’t get the props I deserve
Imma leave you bleeding by the curb
And that’s my momma’s word
Bank account, commas absurd
Cause I sell specialty rap music, And sell out concerts
My favorite spot in the sporting goods, is the hunting section
They got slingshots and crossbows, and other types of weapons
Camouflage vests, and fully stocked with the lead
Next aisle over I can go fishing instead
And to the fake ones, your salaries low
Flow cornier than VH1 romance reality shows
Y’all know, I used the body wash to clean my shotty off
Cause its been catching back splatter from hacking through body parts


A southern rebel that will leave your vital levels flat
You won’t be hot until you die and give the devil dap
You about as stupid as that pot that called the kettle black
I be conscious rapping but now even Gepetto’s strapped
Here to take the ghetto back, hush the whack stanzas
Taking it back to when rapping was talk ‘tween Black panthers
I’m Huey, Newton or Freeman, all the above
You ain’t even Huey Lewis, ain’t got no power or love
And what’s sadder, you won’t touch rungs on Jake’s ladder
Universally unworthy of time, space, or matter
You hot as in anger, not as in magma
Deac is Death Valley, You are A-laska
I mastered the range, you mastered the lame
And the day that you’re the flame, I’m the rain


Big booty twitter vixen something tight [hot]
Even make your main chick say she quite [hot]
Some dumb reason say her prison be [hot]
Fell her gaze blazing at you – laser beam [hot]
Face is the bomb: body’s detonator [hot]
We talkin’ black folk filled elevator [hot]
Think its cool now? Fool later see us [hot]
Every time you leave think you out being [hot]
Stick to her, forgettin’ she’s gonna tell you hell is [hot]
And she hope you go in summer when its even more [hot]
Eyes even glowing terminator red [hot]
Shit would be a past red dot beam [hot]
Shoulder so cold make an igloo seem [hot]
Pushing all the buttons make the topic seem [hot]
This gold made cup make us sip so [hot]


All these girls man they just want to sweat some starve
But I don’t get gassed up like an electric car
And I don’t need a ski mask to rob these bitches of they innocence
About to slip gloves, and seduce seven Russian immigrants
Single moms is so DTF
I hit it, quit it, then report the bitch to DCF
I’m so Bobby Brown, not the new edition days
Never stop my ignorant ways
Not as long as pimpin’ pays Ap's [hot]

Natti: (outro)

In the Strip Club, All the dancers look [hot]
Damn all the money stickin to ‘em cause she [hot]
Back sweat make em look [hot]
Track Name: The Format f. Masta Ace & Mr. SOS

If we gonna start from scratch, you start with wax
If there's no dish, then there's no rap
Records, albums, vinyl, the facts
Give us a stack of records and we'll give you 12 tracks
The agreement turned cement
40 years ago
Hip Hop, the vinyl frontier
The embryo
Two turntables a mic and a cold stereo, DJ, one MC, the imperial
Many many put their muse to it
Sent bop, sent rock, sent blues through it
From classical to jazz we can who’s who it
Or blow the dust off and groove to it
Lets ride
B-side on direct drive
You know that crackle give the best high
Gimme a needle, a cartridge, a partridge , some tree
45s and a 33
Let it be

Masta Ace:

A new format hit the scene like way back
It was smaller and more convenient than 8-track
You could pop it in your car on a long drive
Play the album or fast forward to song five
If you passed a song you had to rewind it back
It was kind of frustrating trying to find a track
Memorex, ampex, down to TDK
Whether Biz was on the radio or BDK
When they was on the air, I was on the pause button
I had the best tapes but I ain’t trying to cause nothing
Cause everybody thought their pause was the raws
Cats used to battle
The shit used to cause wars
We would trade tapes that was the best it could be
Busy bee had the fever for treacherous three
Having the best tapes, was like a status symbol
The yellow tape, purple tape to the baddest demo
Battles travel from the Bronx to baltimore
They would stand by the speaker to record them all
Them same tapes that was labeled with a thick marker
Made the neighborhood rappers want to spit sharper
If my tape pop trust I was ready man
A razor blade, scotch tape and a steady hand
I called it surgery, my cassette went under the knife
And was brought back to life, man that’s word it to me


My relationship with bass and kicks haAnnotated come full circle
Plastic and cheap but I clapped to the beat
Stab the repeat button and keep running
And that's somthing you can't get from tape dubbing
Skip the skips with a flick of the wrist
More time to check what's sick on the list
The fickle dismissed this little digital disk
But try and play vinyl in the whip, it'll skip
And it's '96, I'm trying to get laid now
Chose the format with binary laid down
1s and 0s, and 0s and 1s, flood the BOSE with flows and drums
Blunts get blown in my homie's truck
We sitting on chrome, little bone thugs
We got wheels, we ain't trying to walk man
CD's nuts, there's dust on my walkman

Mr. S.O.S:

Follow me entering this digital odyssey

Holy matrimony but harder to see

Everywhere but non-existant, what a conundrum

Upgraded but they say that we forgot where we come from

The past feels even further with every second

Off the record, the coming and going of Kbps's
In the day of the instant message

The message is misdirected and the receiver seems to be disconnected

But don't complain, love gain

Even after the flood came in and left our neighbors over-saturated

With no computer love, just computer bugs

Hate the virus and not the hacker, that's what a loser does

Meanwhile, the kids are playing shoot em' ups

Trying to be the 2.0 version of Super Thug

Press reset, any era you wish to visit is next

Hold on as we eject
Track Name: Dying Breed

We the last of a dying breed
Steady searching for my kind
It's like a dire need
Every day i'm watching liars eat
and leech
While I starve
And listen to the friar teach
Everyday I pray for it
Every blessing I receive I try and pay forward
But sometimes
The sunshine's more like a gunline
Better call one-time
Running blind on this strange journey
I hope I'm still alive when they bring gurneys
In this world where friends are more attorney
than Bert or Ernie
It hurts me
But I'm steady learning
That when it's money bet it's all good
Most Robin Hoods ain't got a merry man in Sherwood
Find a good heart?
No Google search could
Brothers was killin' brothers in Eden where we first stood


Last of a dying breed
I'm curious
All my people on lockdown
Last of a dying breed
Everybody here better stop now
Nothing gonna slow that clock down
I'm furious


Should the good shrug off the atlas forsaking the hapless
Let the soldiers of the soul-less prevail in the madness
Shits real in the field when it's minimal rations
And all feel the the hunger from the sum of their actions
Runnin Thicke (thick) as theives
Robin (robbin) through Blurred Lines
Levels of good and evil
Grading on curved lines
The pinnacle's a pentacle bewitching the cynical
Left stranded on a planet where the wicked survive
Say no to truth while addicted to lies
Gentrify and remove the hood like it was just a disguise
Throw the blank out a blanket party like its just a surprise
The menace of what lives in us seeking to thrive
Premise of what gives in us eaten alive
Apocalypse approaches in the form of divide
To many bees in the trap, bear (bare) hands in the hive
Reacting to what's sweet with the sting out of mind
Track Name: Makes You Wanna Cry f. Sheisty Khrist

I see crabs climbing to be free
Where dog eat dog is the royal decree
Trust nobody
Mayflower to tee-pee
Over the meek sin wins since B.C.
You blame D.C.
I blame life
She blames Allah
He blames Christ
We put out bounties
We pay that price
For green backs we back stab and won't think twice
It's more money, more murder, more homicide
Over dollar bills free will creates Amistad
I'm a slave
Hard to escape the cell
and I ain't brave just because I moved to ATL
Couldn't pay me well enough to sing your fairy-tales
The cherry L I'm smokin' doesn't choke me like the very smell of life
Raw and uncut
Sex, drugs and gun lust
Land of the unjust

Sheisty Khrist:

I see men on chairs with suicidal tendencies and tears falling down, they say that time heals I feel the years falling down.
Global Warming all the yields falling down,
Sisyphus is dead all the the hills falling down.
I often contemplate life and why my momma left me,
you're fucking right that's why I move like I'm a lefty.
Correctly I hear that smoking herb might correct me,
fuck a ziplock put mine in a Hefty.
It's heavy while my mind feels like a Chevy,
or mine fields my mind feels like it's deadly.
Deadly like death is the only option, go with daddy or be left for adoption. Death is death though and life is a deadly toxin,
what goes around comes around unless you heavy boxing.
Then you move in a square,
this life up and down like how you move on a stair.
And life isn't fair to that dude on a chair,
you gotta move on that shit like that dude Fred Astaire. Yeah
Track Name: Beyond The Sun f. J-Live

I arrived to blue skies and green rivers
Traveled the globe amazed how every scene differs
My esteem's on K2
I dream bigger
To Mother Earth I bow like when a queen enters
Life's so beautiful it's musical
I sing along
but it's inhabitants so quickly say I'm singing wrong (What?)
Well let's rehearse
I'll sing the hook you take the verse
Let's build a bridge
If you ain't feeling it then let's reverse
We'll make it work over time
With open mind
Hope is dying, let's fix the broken so folk can shine
I want to help secure fortress
Pass torches
Be boisterous about more than fast Porsches
and staying perched on porches taking self portrait
after self portrait
You treat it like horse shit
Got all the beauty in this world and you ignore it
For you don't see the trees or the forest
You forfeit


We came from beyond the sun (x4)
Track Name: Urutora Kaiju f. Tonedeff

I am... Phallaxor The Matter Lord
Master of war with plasma swords
Massive in form with acid pores
Mad for the taste of your planet’s core
Gnashed in my teeth and I plan to hoard galaxies worth
I’m a savage
Bored, naturally - because the lack of sport saddens me
I’m a galactic force!
Who dares to battle when standing before me, renders you halved?
When I warp through parallel paths to distort your atom’s order!
The Galaxian Matador, dash at me
within a flash you’ll see packs of me
that’ll be swarming within an asteroid storm
Here is your last chance warning, Then I won’t ask no more
Did you get that?
Then I’ll hit you with that celestial bitchslap.


Perpetual impact that your mind can’t shield
Weighing in at a gillion parsons it’s Zarcon Steele
Tentacles tatter your tissue, till torn, tender to the gristle
The pitiful pray for the victim, I evict the veins of the victor
No matter the matter you’re made of it contains the brains that I make haze of
Thoughts you’re thinking you thought are those brought to those that I make slaves of
The pecs your appendage’s pump is the hunk of flesh that I make caves of
Imprint the pattern of Saturn across your face like its make-up


You better wake up!
You speaking of Saturn - you late much?
If you’re reading the data it’s 8 months till you see where the flash and the rings of my championships came from
Now you want light-speed?
Say what?
There is no one like me, Likely, so it doesn't take much
If you’re taking up space and you’re in need of a weight cut
I’ll sever your tentacles, then I’ll make ‘em a paintbrush
Staining a blood moon
Creative within one swoop - parted in four
The Cosmic artist of war, you could say that I was Sun Tzu
plotting the gore
You can hold my weapons, I’ll punch through your core defenses
Then I'm shattering your orbital bone
While knocking the solar wind out of your solar plexus.


You're outta your mind, this marble is mine
To break into dust and do as a line
Or roll it with space and lace it with time
Right after I separate you from your spine
I'm here to perpetuate your demise
I savor the hint of hope in your eyes
When I'm done I'm sticking my dick in a black hole and creating the sun (son)
To shine down on your grave from
Wherever the fuck I came from
Pimping this planet since day 1
Your earth chose me
Zarkon's so far gone in your galaxy balls deep
Weight of the world, fate has been hurled
Too close within arm's reach

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