The Rose EP

by CunninLynguists

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Produced by Kno
Illustration by Geneva B.
Mixed by Kno
Mastered by Kno


released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky

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Track Name: Red, White & Blues f. Jason Coffey
[Jason Coffey]

I love you
even after everything you put my blood through
every descendant of a slave oughta cuss you
throw a middle finger up and say...
my love's true
even after everything you put my blood through
every descendant of a slave oughta cut you
pull out an AK and spray
but that ain't love

And on this long road to perdition
you might wanna use my navigation system
my wisdom
shine light through this black prism
my rhythm
let it guide you through baptism
word to Shirley Chisolm
I'm truly tryna blaze trails
write back senders of the hate mail
that keeps comin'
caged bird still singing
chain gang still drummin'
100 miles and we still runnin
400 years
gimme a pound of Bob Marley
American flags strapped to the back of black Harleys
And if we burn you down it's to begin anew
let's pull the sheet off of our history and bid adieu


Banner in the sky
The U.S is alive
Everything before it absorb it or let it die
Daughter of four fathers no momma to get it right
Raised and became a beauty with something ugly inside
Growing up abused with bruises of different hues
Read white lies now our lady sings the blues
Over C notes
While we broke
And see votes
For people both villain and hero
Competing stroking her ego
That talk the talk come time to walk do absolutely zero
Cheer us on the court but when it's foul we ge no free throw
But we go hard off hope and for the love
With All my heart still covered in blood

[Jason Coffey]

A beauty from the heavens up above
but hold her tight you 'bout to see close up
past smooth skin you'll find something so rough
can we keep her true?
I don't know what to do
and she don't either
red, white, blues
red, white, blues
red, white and blues
Track Name: Riot!
[Deacon The Villain & Natti]

Old heads sayin'
Why them people outside
tryna keep them young boys quiet
get low
them young boys wild
lookin' at 'em 'bout to start a riot
good Lord!
why them people outside?
tryna keep them young girls quite
get low
them young girls wild
lookin' at 'em bout to start a riot
good Lord!

[Deacon The Villain]

Look at all the red
some whites in blue
no rights
the fight in you
for life
you no nice
you no like my hue
you strike we stand straight as a stripe on cue
and you ask
why we burning up the neighborhood?
as if the ghetto was created for the greater good
it’s even burning where the savior stood
we trying to self destruct
this what will make you do it
tryna find a nugget of truth
in something
other than art
somewhere other than youth
it’s all lies
everything under your roof
to learn that history’s been slanted just to keep you aloof
it reaches moments
when even the righteous choose violence
from silence to siren
a seismic environment
in life’s maze
maybe what’s left is the right way
I hate to blacken yo white day
but old heads sayin


No way left to temper the temperature of the town
Hear the brush with death painting Crimson across the ground
Get behind something
A cause or some cover
Take aim or take suffering
News cameras never get the pause
Only want the rumble in the jungle when they popping out the claws
Civil rights suddenly got a clause
Declaring martial law
Too many ninjas tightening up they bras
Being lioness doesn't make it a lion less
And hunting down the Cubs is good way to lie in rest
Stress and pressure bust pipes
Know it ain't fun when the rabbits behind the sights
Seeing fires burning as bright as the city lights
Fueled by revolt its highest voltage ignite
generations behind with numbers in decline
Are now the ones peeking out the blinds
In these times saying why

[Deacon The Villain]

Can I get an
R for the Riot?
E for emotion?
D for devotion?
what’s the commotion
you ask why we burn up the streets that we live on
did we get that notion
from across the ocean
such self destruction
pain and the misery
we know nothing of infamy
let’s roll play the history
reverse psychology the apology
that civil war wasn’t fought for me
it was economy
Abe free’d slaves
date recorded
but it took a hundred years to piss in the same toilet
Abe free’d slaves
date recorded
but it took a hundred years to piss in the same toilet

Why them people outside
tryna' keep them young girls quiet?

conditioned to hate self since we met Christians
and taught God needs negus in full submission
to man
this a devilish plan
to pull that monkey business off you’d need one helluva clan
ya understand?
a devilish plan
to pull that monkey business off you'd need one helluva Klan
one helluva Klan
one helluva
Track Name: Red Bird

What do wings bring ??
New heights to reach
To soaring somewhere foreign borders to tight to breach
Where color isn't covered in a few types of bleach
We learning without concern in how it too whites ya speech
Preach nest between earth and most high
Over streets tar that severe feathers from sky
Like star crossed lovers that never said a goodbye
But hello to a haven that tethers cheddar to pride
Ride air Jordan gave you to breath
The only way the ground allows u to leave
Received a message through a cloud of trees
Praying for heaven is hell on the knees
Catch a breeze and glide further than the eyes can see
Or stay attached to the turf as the minds concedes
And never soar
So close to Poe every Raven is evermore
Or simply weather the storms in search of a perfect shore

[Deacon The Villain]

She sleeps through the night
mother wondering how to change life
ain't none of the streets paved in gold
just rusted tracks and dusty roads
the broken chains we don't discuss
she's praying for the miraculous
her baby bird gotta fly
in this world of hungry hunters
guns pointed to the sky
hold now
let us slow down
this little life
created by the passions of pain
product of plight
a daily fight waiting for light
this patient student
bloodline never saw fit for juriceprudence
baby Rose already knows she must spring
through summer autumn and winter
spring beyond dreams
born sinner
born winner
same thing
but no rights for the children of chain
this changed queen
put it all in her princess
all of the knowledge her little brain could ingest
told her she could hold the globe in eye sight
if she spread wings and soared
flew to high heights
she could be light
see the stark difference
never awake to even see the dark's ignorance
and only time knows if she prevails
cause some times not even a birds eye can see the devil's details