Ghosts Don't Lie (feat. Natti)

from Peace or Power by Deacon The Villain

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If you know me very well
you know I don’t believe in fairy tales


Ghost Don’t Lie
Ain’t gon’ tell you twice


Mississippi goddam!
mississippi goddam!
goddam mississippi!
still wavin' that flag!
still wavin' that flag that flag mississippi!

Mississippi goddam!
mississippi goddam!
goddam mississippi!
still wavin' that flag!
you better take it down quickly!

before niggaz make history!
that's field niggaz house niggaz all on sick leave
a bunch of black Bill Bixbys
in the David Banner roll
alert medical
some times the truth hurts like whips
or being chained together under ships
sleeping in shit
tell me how hood must we get
remember who started this shit
red, white and blue
what can we do just to heal?
how can the truth be revealed?
we sick from disorder
our social establishments ill
congress put that in a bill
so full of shit information
ignorance and inflammation
living with cancer
if you don't hear but one stanza
don't go to the grave with the answers
in God we trust



The game ain’t no fair
you bess not go there
the shit don’t stop
unless you got gold hair
for you there’s no share
the shit’s on lock
they living without rules
can’t do it without you
ya folk gon’ die
just give it some time
I know you out of your mind
but ghosts don’t lie


Are they spooked by the spook who sat by the door
with a 44 and a couple duffles of C4
Civil War labeled "a scuffle for free chores"
free uppity niggaz wanting to read more
keep 'em happy with less danglin' from sycamore
still hanging now its in front of the liquor
cops smokin' blacks like a product of Philip Morris
if we ain't got a weapon they'll gladly conceal it for us
equality's a lottery numbers ain't really for us
wish I had a mask and gloves to steal it for us
before they spot our caps and gladly peel them for us
storm troopers on dash cams using the force
of course talk about it on Good Morning America
debate about our death
good mourning, America
no wonder relations are so torn in America
feeling lacerations
skin torn in America

Pre Chorus



from Peace or Power, released October 1, 2015
Written by W.Polk II & G. Bush

Flugel Horn & Trumpet by Lance "Fury" Powlis
Additional vocals by Anetra Polk, Jason Coffey, Essene Moormon & Preston ""Young Lord" Cotton


all rights reserved



CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky

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