Little Drummer Boy (feat. Homeboy Sandman)

from Peace or Power by Deacon The Villain

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See them marching
marching home my Lord
after fighting
for the throne


They in the streets all night
all day
they in the streets all night
all day
you hear the guns sing pah rum pum pum
as arms say bombs away



They were born in the belly of the beast
make a wrong turn streets is telling of a feast
where peace is a myth
where sleeps for the rich
to eat is a gift
how charming a child can be
till he's rollin' down ya street in a gold caprice
trying eat on ya gold piece
leave sleep in a hole deceased
I'm talking where you better pray right before you see daylight
no days predictable
there's no two alike
everybody's a-type
ready for the kill
babies need meals dolla dolla bills
over pills and such we trust
blue come through tough throw ya folk in cuffs
watch 'em grown up in the game till they old and rough
you better learn when to fold or bluff


They in the background mobbin'
creepin' through the slums
goons and goblins
you think they lookin' for problems?
they looking for change like trees in autumn
and in they eyes you can see what fear do
when every moment it is giving you an earful
become witness
to the estranged children of the corn
let the wick flame
devil wings and halos
in the innocence of the barbies and the legos
they something like playdoh
getting fashioned getting molded since days old
getting game over games of dice
a ghetto life such a famous plight
to get the picture hope I frame it right
niggaz for sale name your price

Homebody Sandman

The evil that men do
and women do
as observed by the little dudes in the living rooms
it was always mommy catching a beat down
got tired of picking up her teeth so
into the streets now
maybe it's the system that forced her in that position
or foster pops that wanted special kisses
whatever the decision now stranded on the concrete
and granted a front row seat to watch hyenas compete
sights where they dwell places
height that bring em closer to the blood stains and shell cases
kiddies shouldn't feel so down
this little piggy watched deals go down
instead of watching clowns at the circus
they watching out for clowns loud enough to get murdered on purpose
seen the crime scene before the cops did at seven or eight



What we really need (really need)
for victory (victory)
in life
tween you and me
is history
What we really need (really need)
for victory (victory)
in life
tween you and me


from Peace or Power, released October 1, 2015
Written by W.Polk II & A.Villar II

Additional vocals by London Mckenzie & Dilla Jackson


all rights reserved



CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky

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