Love (feat. The Remnant & Van Berry)

from Peace or Power by Deacon The Villain

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Van Berry

way down by the creek side
shade make you feel alright
all the women in they dress shoes
clean feet with the pleat creased tight
let's spread love
tell me
come and feel this water
so cool it'll sooth them bones
I know your life's out of order
so is mine you can call that home
spread love

Tribe One

Yall it's been a rough year
seen to much sweat and blood and shed enough tears
and even though the direction we're heading's unclear
i can say for certain the purpose ain't getting stuck here
it's been too long with not a lot of improvement
so now we don't want baby steps we want a solution
we saw what Martin Luther did and followed the blue print
cause if all we did was loot they wouldn't call it a movement
that's why we'll still be working after the press buzz
adding on to what our parent's generation left us
so we can hold what older folks only dreamt of
and the only way we'll get it is to spread love

Adán Bean

Spread love like jam and jelly preserves
this is the marked failure of elegant words
i got a helluva urge
just to sip this mint julep out of mason jars
my cars a Chevy Buick
but tonight I'm gon' foot it
since my feet found home
when I hit the creek side dressed like Paul Poundstone
look it might sound wrong but life don't last long
and I'm keep dancing 'til the piano's last song
and that sweat on my brow is the evidence of how
we refuse to ever let life's problems get us down
head measured for a crown
we the kings of the night life
love shuns the day but it stays in the twilight


Spread love it'll change your life
shine down like angel light
we can brave the night
when the day breaks take a flight
you can keep everything in site
aint' that the truth?


The truth is some of yall are ruthless
the world don't care about excuses
the world might label you a nuisance then hang you from a noose
well the world better read up, cause we up
my girl kicked her feet up
my homie just re-upped
my uncles putting heat up on them coals
all love
that's just how it goes
hug life
that's just how we roll
crack a bud light
to switch lanes move to the left
I'm talkin 'bout love, not a duel to the death
you could hate this song I ain't lovin' you less
love self let love do the rest


Spread love it'll change your life
shine down like angel light
we can brave the night
when the day breaks take a flight
let 'em know everything's alright
aint' that the truth?
ain't that the truth?


from Peace or Power, released October 1, 2015
Written by W. Polk II, A.Beane & N.Gray

Guitar by Markeith Black
Additional vocals by Joy Polk


all rights reserved



CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky

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