Rip the Guts f. Soul Akoben (of Crop Circle)

from by Deacon the Villain & Sheisty Khrist

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First Verse [Deacon]

these pedestrian fools fueled by estrogen
I ride on em, pushing something equestrian
over rollin hills and we rollin golden wheels
polaroid ready, steady on our Olan Mills
we hit the streets ready, heavy frame, Chevy plush
my big foot crush anything my Chevy touch
ya engine flooded similar to when the levy bust
bet when I'm present every pheasant in your bevy blush
this here my "Nigga moment" let me put some pennies on it
I bet a 78 caprice'd leave yo Bentley haunted
u ghost ridin everybody swear they Johnny Blaze
till the wet paint drip on em and the fire fades
iron glaze reflectin' all yo imperfection
bet when we intersect the shit could cause an insurrection
8 cylinders of killin the streets
stampedin' behind a grill and a beat

Hook [Soul Akoben]

And all in time
with just our mind
We still will find
(You know we will rip the guts!)

2nd Verse [Sheisty]

Alas, I stash cash in the mini pod
the rims of Nimrod the path of a demagogue.
The semi feel the wrath of a demigod
440 gas that's the path of a Hemi Dodge.
We make strings for Geppetto out of heavy metal,
cause hard rock is just a pebble in every ghetto.
Where the levees settle and where every rebel
pushes heavy treble to every level to revel.
We drive cars for broads and whether Ford or Dodge
It's four cars in a four car garage.
I'm four bars from Mars and for my Mopar parts
I just use an old crowbar to lodge.
Yall cokeheads with no bread and Pro-Keds
and mopeds with old tires and no tread.
The quadraped with four eyes and four heads,
and a .44 mag for your forehead four dead, nigga.

Hook X 2

And all in time
with just our mind
we still will find
What's left behind
All in time
with just our minds
we still will find
(You know we will rip the guts!)

What's left behind X 2

You know we will rip the
You know we will rip the
You know we will rip the guts


from Niggaz With Latitude (NWL), released November 30, 2010
produced by Deacon the Villain
lead guitar by Willie Eames
bass guitar by William Engelmann
drums by Lamorris "Beatdown" King


all rights reserved



CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky

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