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Niggaz With Latitude (NWL)

by Deacon the Villain & Sheisty Khrist

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Deacon Call of the night Call of the industry carry us all away X2
Satellites 03:04
Hook [Deacon] Let’s talk through these satellites we can conversate through space you ‘bess forget about your alibi ‘cause they’ve already seen your face Verse: 1 [Deacon] I’m in the clouds, watchin’ like a huntin’ owl you can’t evade, my gaze is bout 2 hundred thou we cover miles, polar cap to polar and unless you got a solar flare I’m over till it’s over from the streets of the chi to a beach in maui from the tip of nepal, through middle eastern valleys I’ll snap you quick as mcgraw, I got a lightning flash and we shinin down on that ass, we like a diaper rash, pause… no applause for my cause and you cannot see me coming, I’m the nothing, I’m the fog sittin on my perch I got the earth under my claws cleaning up your acts, sweeping the dirt under my law look , it’s smartest crook you’ve never witnessed all up in yo shower and we gettin closer every christmas comin down yo chimney and u brought us through the towers and we want our updates every minute, every hour Hook Verse: 2 [Sheisty] The man watch me like Van Peebles in Posse like drones in Afghanistan scan people with poppy My internet connections choppy maybe they’ve detected my downloaded copies of Shrek and Rocky, or Beck and Trotsky The Annunaki blacker than the puck in hockey I’m leaning back in a truck sloppy sucking saki Ponder the womb of Amun and the Illuminati and how the lumens in the eye make the moon wobbly I give a fuck about you dudes probably I study the Code of Hammarabi for a hobby I got two copies Satellites in the air that could fairly capture a hair fragment the size of a hair fracture In the air a Black Fist I’m on their blacklist like I shared an air mattress with an Arab actress To tell tell the truth I give a fuck about some Arab hackers I ain’t scared of Arab jackers I’m scared of crackers And Fuck a Viacom our governments icon should be an eye spying through a Nikon You better watch who your eye’s on cause watching me will get your motherfucking eye gone I’m gone! [Hook]
Hook [Deacon] It's a brave new world X 6 Are you ready for this? Are we moving to fast it's a brave new world and for that it may last First Verse [Natti] The system's dosage of pop, rock and soda pop and urban legend with high voltage from culture shock from nation's led by the same habits that vultures got we need leaders (liters) like alcoholics with stomach rot tomorrow's John Conner ain't watching Harry Potter he's in the hallows of the ghetto training Rottweilers or washing dishes at frishes for next-to-no dollars cause you ain't solving delimmas if you don't know problems this was the home of the brave before the pilgrams came now it's the land of the free and we pay for everything that's why I blow trees, rolled in old leaves and drive through neighborhoods nicer than mine at low speeds I been at Coolie High ever since they killed Cochise boppin' my music at levels that shake the concrete so there'll be no peace and there'll be no sleep so wake the fuck up I'll show you the world that I see Abbreviated Hook Second Verse [Sheisty] Our leaders elitist black and white like a zebra we need to see the black and white like Adidas. A cheetas hunger the real meaning of jungle fever, we siege in thunder the real meaning of under Caesar. Fuck a season move a legion in the cold of winter my soul's like a cold avenger with a frozen center. Night Ops a nigga sleeping when the Trojan enter Cyclops the way we creep in like a Gojin ninja. We fight the power like P.E. We fight the powers like BP Some fight the power to be free. Fuck a political party, nigga, this anarchy, you plan to harm me watch me land with a land army. These niggas throwing hand grenades and hope they land on me, these motherfuckers so afraid they keep a cam on me. And they watch the way I move so they can scam on me, pull me over pat me down and put a gram on me. And I ain't talking a Grammy nigga, I'm talking soft white - Orphan Annie nigga. In other words The Man is watching what you hand me, nigga so if I just keep walking, understand me nigga. Hook
First Verse [Deacon] these pedestrian fools fueled by estrogen I ride on em, pushing something equestrian over rollin hills and we rollin golden wheels polaroid ready, steady on our Olan Mills we hit the streets ready, heavy frame, Chevy plush my big foot crush anything my Chevy touch ya engine flooded similar to when the levy bust bet when I'm present every pheasant in your bevy blush this here my "Nigga moment" let me put some pennies on it I bet a 78 caprice'd leave yo Bentley haunted u ghost ridin everybody swear they Johnny Blaze till the wet paint drip on em and the fire fades iron glaze reflectin' all yo imperfection bet when we intersect the shit could cause an insurrection 8 cylinders of killin the streets stampedin' behind a grill and a beat Hook [Soul Akoben] And all in time with just our mind We still will find (You know we will rip the guts!) 2nd Verse [Sheisty] Alas, I stash cash in the mini pod the rims of Nimrod the path of a demagogue. The semi feel the wrath of a demigod 440 gas that's the path of a Hemi Dodge. We make strings for Geppetto out of heavy metal, cause hard rock is just a pebble in every ghetto. Where the levees settle and where every rebel pushes heavy treble to every level to revel. We drive cars for broads and whether Ford or Dodge It's four cars in a four car garage. I'm four bars from Mars and for my Mopar parts I just use an old crowbar to lodge. Yall cokeheads with no bread and Pro-Keds and mopeds with old tires and no tread. The quadraped with four eyes and four heads, and a .44 mag for your forehead four dead, nigga. Hook X 2 And all in time with just our mind we still will find What's left behind All in time with just our minds we still will find (You know we will rip the guts!) What's left behind X 2 You know we will rip the You know we will rip the You know we will rip the guts
Hook [Deacon] (All Day) All day, ere'day, doing it the Chevy way slammin' em Chevrolet Doors (Everyday) x 2 Weaving through the game move through every lane (All Day) All day, ere'day, riding through the airwaves slammin' em Chevrolet Doors Weaving through the game old school, heavy frame, yeah First Verse [Deacon] I'm Caprice classic, feeling Cavalier in the night sky, cold hangin' like a chandelier light up the sky when i'm ridin' through the stratosphere nigga we outta here, the rest of yall is out of gear forget gas I could run on fumes could find through the Hubble havin fun on moons got nos in the tank, nasty nas in the deck make ya movements seem idle when we charge down the stretch wherever you turn, ladies pullin' uweeze flashin' in the fast lane, showin us they rubies I've earned stripes from these Talledega nights mane if you ain't fast keep yo ass in the right lane i'm in the sky, making it rain on dirt roads hangin' with the satellites, watching the earth roll Chevrolet doors KY on the plate this for my KYLIENS, back to space, c'mon Hook Second Verse [Mino Slick] Kylien, floating in the my space shuttle cooler than Drew Breez in the Saints huddle I'm known the make the bank double I bang packs but this rap that's my mane hustle No lames in my lane SS Chevy paint job cocaine plus I'm draped in the Polo dress so fresh I should take me a photo hold yo applause you are far to kind bird to the law when I fall through shining Shaft on the dash, got screens on deck the bops go crazy when the king's on deck top back, seats reclined sweet lit, it's reefer time so can I please get a peace of mind I'm on cloud nine tryna ease my mind like.... Hook Third Verse [Sheisty] Heaven knows ain't nothing like a 7-4 chevy with the gold Trues and Vogues. Fuck your shoes and clothes you dudes snooze I'd rather cruise the coast hit the beach sip some booze and toast. Gut your oldsmobile I'm like the coldest nigga holding the wheel, the closest thing to really holding the steel. When I'm rolling with the top down it look like I'm posing Ill, everybody stop frozen still. What you say Rae the sun don't freeze? We ride this motherfucker till it run on E. Deacon's blowing smoke like it run on tree, I got the wind in my hair and the sun on me. Ain't a nigga alive can front on me, ain't a motherfucking nigga alive can stunt on me. I'm so high in clouds I'm angelic, might as well blow the blunt on me. Have one on me.
Bianca Spriggs Niggaz! Niggaz for sale! I got red hot niggaz here! Step right up and get your fresh cut niggaz! Use ripe niggaz in your favorite recipe! Eat some nigga pie! Slurp some nigga soup! Any kind of nigga you wanna wear I got it right here! Nigga shoes! Nigga belts! Nigga naps! Nigga lips! Nigga tongues! Nigga skins! I say I got ya skinned niggaz here! Beat some nigga drums! Read some nigga books! Nigga-ology Nigga-losophy Nigga-tality Nigga-nomics and Nigga-nisms! Books on the nigga gaze! Nigga mating rights! I got so many niggaz they falling to the ground like a sideways acid rain! Niggaz! Niggaz for sale!
Hook [Deacon] They Don't know they don't see everybody in this bitch is strugglin' like a mothafucka They don't know they don't see everybody in this bitch is strugglin' can you hear me? all we do is hit the streets and hustle all we do is try to cover our needs everyday is wearing down on our muscles tryna satisfy American greed First Verse [Natti] Man, all of your hours, minutes, seconds spent on rubber-neckin' round a person workin, stressin, when is your turn? that's how a grimm expression bent above yo chin I'm guessin comes from sweatin' mine instead of worrying about yern spread out that couch invention from sittin in one position straiten up yo kitchen quick as Malcolm Little's perm now let it burn, cause that's the pain that you earn fuckin' off doing nothing constructive thinkin short term train for the long run, regardless of outcome yo train of thought is off track 'cause you off the wrong one quit hitchin' rides and try buying yo own sled you makin moves, but the problems they in yo own bed Hook Second Verse [Sheisty] I know niggas with gold chains and gold watches, who buy food from the Golden Arches loaded with starches. These same niggas selling cocain in old apartments Id rather go to marches, load the cartridge, blow the charges. I might spark the revolution though and go to marshes and build bows and arrows on barges only known to archers. To yall the revolutions probably when you go to Marshall's might seem like I'm going harsh but I'm so impartial. Yeah I know it seem like I'm throwing darts that could blow apart the lower part of Noah's Ark. At the police department in the dark with no remarks snitches get stitches bitches and so do narcs. So while y'all go to loan sharks I study Joan of Arc and the culmination of the Yeoman, bards, and Roman arts. Statues, cathedrals so if I'm coming at you bless you, achoo, the measles. Attack you, bleed you, smack you, leave you baptized in hellfire Matthew - read you. The truth is we don't need you if American greed feeds you this is a cesarean to de-seed you and re-breed you. Abbreviated Hook
Hook: Luther X 3 Martin Luther Jr. KANG! First Verse [PackFM] Let me start from the beginning at the top of the set If it aint February then you might forget For some our struggle was a fight to the death That's why I'm far from civil with these rights and lefts I'm similar to segregation, I got a dark side And when it shows, niggas split just like apartheid Outsiders wanna know, just how far I'll go To lift up the hood like the engine in my car died *Get yo' hand out my pocket!* or draw back a stump Rowdy niggas stay in the back of the bus Lookin out my window with my hand on a pump Sawed off shotgun, raw dog, you not one I haul off and pop one *RUN!* shots fired My squad's Million Man March mixed with Watts Riots Outlandish shit you never heard before Like Black Panthers pumping their fists on Jersey Shore We stand out like a protest with our leaders You had a dream thinking ignorance could defeat us It takes a lot more than a t-shirt to free us So I stand behind these bars for life like Mumia Hook Is ignorance bliss or is ignorance a bitch? X2 is ignorance bliss? is ignorance bliss? is ignorance bliss or is ignorance a bitch? Second Verse [Deacon] Snap shots, deac's Gordan Parks with a Canon and I fly over haters, on my Tuskeegee Airmen you can bring chains, bring liquor, bring famine you'll never bring a nigga down, you could bring Samson chairmen of the board, you the chairmen of the Borg and I'm coming before pharoah, with just Aaron and the Lord carrying my sword, I'm Harriet in a chariot coming with the power of infinite Secretariats the scariest slave, I'm Nat Turner in the booth I'm Denzel in glory with black burners and troops the Soujourner Truth and I'm here to put you underground and I'm striking from the clouds where the thunder pounds James Weldon Johnson from Compton stompin, while these minority chords haunt them hide under a cloth, i'm the fire on yo cross and I'm burning until ignorance is mired in a loss, nigga! Hook
Hook Have ya seen the black dogs teeth? Sharp like a knife Have ya seen them tear apart a throat to take a life? Black dog don't believe in sin think of where the black dog's been think of where he's been... today First Verse [Sheisty] Out here it's either kill or be killed, so fuck a Miller Lite give me a Philistine shield. It's like life got a guillotine feel, I take a pill then moonwalk Billie Jean feel. Have you ever seen an angel in a black halo? that's like a black Kangol hanging off a black Pharaoh. In fact, what if Taylor Swift was black? They would have sent Ye some tailored shit from Saks. I'm in the kitchen relaxed tailoring crack, first layer them on a rack then lay em in a pack. Bumping Ice Cubes "Who's the Mack," I let the track play through then I play the shit back. You see if life is an infinite circle I'm an infant in purple burping watching Ninja Turtles. The blood curdles these hurdles get a ninja murdered, This world is sin perverted a pearl that's been inverted. In a cold, cold world I have been inserted, so tell them Ben and Jerry niggas I invented sherbet Some men live this shit other men have heard it, but I'm the last to grab the pen and word it Perfect Hook Second Verse [Kno] They called him Lucky, round his neck was the number 7 And ever since a pup he grew up tough with a crew of hellions Because they knew the smell of some'n successful enveloped him So they developed him hoping they could sell into relevance A real mean bark with teeth sharp as feeding sharks And the needed heart to exceed off in the fiendish dark The deepest part? not the speed of his paws But the need to seek an applause, his deepest of flaws The black dog ignoring catcalls from slack jaws Who'd just as soon drown his ass off in a sackcloth But they'd clap when he'd snap and tear the back off Another black dog, competition was the backdrop With stacks dropped it was kill at will But after years of conditioning he killed for real! They acted so surprised, how could it be? They kept their money and they put his ass to sleep The black dog Hook
First Hook Everybody looks but nobody speaks everybody walks but nobody stops I'm going trough the streeets of our town from the darkness ___________ First Verse we no longer say hi, we just @ reply barren souls so dry they'd make a cactus die i see it clearer than the mirror where we practice fly and hide our sadness under the mattress where blackness hides I'm talkin' dark, darker than closets full of skeletons we hide underneath a cloak of elegance but what do I know, sweet chariot please swing low and when the angels finally get here tell em we need mo before we all faced up watching wild seeds grow i feel the fire raging down below, feel the burn dreams turned to ash, you could fill an urn it's an emergency that we don't feel concerned can't nobody climb this mountain alone but since your neighbors ain't allowed in ya home we sit inside and face these battles alone I'm thinkin' maybe we got it wrong, Lord! Alt Hook I'm going to a brand new world a world where people can live a world where people can speak a world ________ Second Verse [Sheisty] This nigga asked me my name but i pretended not to hear him as we passed in the rain. Our movements like light beams fast as a train or two ships in the night from a passenger train. Call me invisible man like when niggas from Sudan stand on Israel's land. My thoughts so vivid you would think I use a visual cam but in truth all I use is my hand. And a hand is a weapon of war or peace I'm a horrible beast unleashed at war with Greece. Or the beast with teeth released to explore beneath the coral reef where Leif's explorers thiefed. And there is no power greater than speech in fact, each who refuses to teach should be labeled a leech. Thoughts are rays of heat that glaze like a person laid on the beach so niggas running like you playing in cleats. Nobody means none, noboby means not even one nobody means we're probably done. Where the earth will wither, that means the first shall disperse from hither including niggas that immersed in rivers. Including everyone the nurse delivers that means the baby thats birthed that's nursed and shivers, or cursed and slithers. Its clear he with an ear must hear lest everything here disappear in less than a year. Alt Hook Hook
Ascension 03:50
Hook Reaching for the stars I don’t care who you are but don’t get caught up reaching for that cool Sheisty My teachers always told me I should reach for the stars that if I reached far enough I’d reach a creature from mars. I kept reaching but the teachings wasn’t reaching my heart, I said fuck it started reaching for cars. To each his own some teachers teach us peace is shalom, while others teach us it’s a brougham with the pieces of chrome. Some of you dudes wear gold like tutenkamen, while other dudes wear clothes like a buddhist shaman. The way I drop jewels niggas is like this dude islamic, but I rock shoes in hues that make Judas vomit. See my aesthetic somewhere between Kemetic ascetic and a dreaded heretic in a leather fitted. And if the weather permited it I might have weathered blizzards, I might have spitted where I rested but I never shitted. Some will dissect my shit some will never get it, some will say I was clever others whatever with it. I’m like the nigga that meditated and levitated, or like the nigga that’s medicated and never made it. Some bitches handed me the apple but I never ate it, my nodes control codes on which rap is predicated. We live this rap shit but y’all niggas fabricate it, some niggas map the genome others navigate it. I’m in the labrynth on the sabbath with the staff of David, you’ll never find my name engraved on an affadavit. We ride in cars that hood niggas buy 20’s for, in fact fuck the minivan doors just give me 24’s. You know the types that get you whores you pour Henny for, and drink plenty more till there’s not any more. This is fair warning I’m like a bear snoring, while the hurricane’s forming and the rain’s pouring. I’m like a cancer in the brain that lays dormant, y’all like answering to claims like paid informants. The closest that I’ll ever be to in the air soaring, is the pair of wings on my rare air Jordans. Yall niggas is borin’. Hook Deacon Most’ll never get to bat at the field dreams some people'll never see the sky, they in a guilliteen everybody lives to die, and the inbetween is duckin gorilla swings and facing the realer things from a world full of soulless goals I’ve seen children with eyes that were old as gold to some the sky’s like the coldest joke and if you reach for what’s high you might overdose but through the blowin smoke, you gotta see this our hopes and our dreams concieved by the elitist we fall for the traps, we rats, chasing cheese with the straps, tats, crack and rap, we making g’z all this confusion got us losin’ by a landslide and got the biggest mothafuckaz feelin’ antsized the disillusioned, the disenfranchised who wanna through the peace sign, but got they hands tied why ask why, that’s what they wanna teach us they’d rather have us sit in the bleachers and wait for Jesus but I believe He’d rather we doubt what leads us instead of praising what pleases, ascension Hook
Hook Sitting on my rooftop I'm a million miles high I hear strange voices calling I hear strange people crying First Verse [Sheisty] All this pain in my brain is so intense, its got me sitting in the rain for a rinse. every strain against my frame so immense I'm convinced that I ain't been the same ever since. So in a sense my innocence is in a stint, the cold breeze from the vent feel like wintermint. Cold so I just throw on the winter mitts, but when the wind emits it blows colder the winter gets. It howls and I talking about the moving castle, the owl when the moon is vast it maneuvers past you. Yeah as far as Id and the Superego I'm something like a kid with a super ego. You'll never find me in a suit like a superhero, im on the stoop or in the coupe, nigga, Super Negro. Some niggas burn with envy I call 'em Sherman Hemsley, they learn that I'm a Sherman tank with the Germans in me. And there's something like a passion that burns within me, fuck no I ain't fasting there's a worm within me. Symbolic or otherwise my lymphs are symphonic, The lullabies for nymphs with colored eyes. See this is Panavision for the land a prism, for every man with mannerisms that could land in prison. If the writings on the wall they call it vandalism, but if the writings on a scroll they call it man's religion. I think this pain in my brain is an anneurism, the damn condition of a man damned to man a mission. Man listen! Hook Second Verse [Deacon] I'm found in a place void of sound bound to my mission, I'ma destroy ground I'm annoyed, on path to display wrath and I'm fired by the fuel that the dismay adds I see, blue seas, brown desserts grey mountains, clown efforts and bright lights from metropolis nights but when I land it'll all be a necropolis site yeah, tell God to go head and pull the choir out ain't enough ocean on earth to put the fire out am I savior? put you out your misery or will I miss and let you re-write your history cue the symphony, the timpanis the drum rolls there's no ending me, no matter what your gun holds if up to me you'll never live to see the sun cold I plan to spare not even one soul, i'm comin'
Hook [Deacon] Call of the night Call of the industry carry us all away X 2 First Verse [Sheisty] This nigga asked me was I raps savior, I gave him some dap told him perhaps later. Rap was built on the backs our black labor, that's why I attack like a trapped gator. I'm the black Ralph Nader, the Alpha and the Beta more powerful than haters. You feel me? They tapped my phone and scoured through the data, and cowered when I said I was an hour from Decatur. They thought I said I was the power of al Qaeda, and that me and bin Laden were in Saudi Arabia. This the return of Ramesses, in a tam on a sham from the ram species. From 3000 B.C. listening to mp3's of 3 lectures by the man Nietzche. Just me by myself in an Inipi, pondering the oil wealth of BP. Listen I often think about the Motherland, but quickly snap back like a rubber band. And no offense to my brother man, but brother how in the fuck can you be a black Republican? Nah I know they say it's the party of Lincoln, I drove a Lincoln to a party then I started drinking. And after each Bacardi drink I think I started sinking, until my eyes were no longer blinking, nigga. My nigga Natti say "Bright Lights, Big City," got me looking for a white dyke with big titties. Instead a mannequin lifelike, surreal, bitty, interrupted by a knife fight real gritty. The night life is still shitty, where only the night lights could make a knife fight feel pretty. A pity. Instrumental break [Willie Eames lead] Second Verse [Deacon] this man asked me if I was raps slayer I chucked him the deuce, told him perhaps greater rap was built over wax and a black fader now it's black like the hearts of it's plaque makers ask those scaling raps himilaya about distress signals sent wrapped in a prayer they had their humble eyes sat upon vega but to stay they gotta live inside our laps like a geisha where's Lauryn Hill, where's Hendrix where's Thelonious Monk, where's trendless Muddy Waters and a dirty telecaster this the new age, slaves ain't gotta sell masters a master's all about what sells faster they don't care if rap walks inside hell backwards bend the rules, keep the power and gold crowns we gon' to shout round these walls till they go down Outro Verse [Bianca Spriggs] Drink to the unmarked graves of discarded lyrics buried in forgotten notebooks drink to the unanswered prayers of one-hit-wonder beats drink to rock star dreams to cogs caught in the metropolis machine to those who'd spill blood for a mic, we drink to those who'd stand out by sitting down at the keys, we drink drink to sixteen bars, a killer hook and a slant rhyme scheme to staying up through silver lined nights chasing down a north star pulse to being the master of our own signal flares our own talking drums we drink to tomorrow always to tomorrow Instrumental break [Lead by Willie Eames]


Niggaz With Latitude (NWL)


released November 30, 2010

produced by Deacon the Villain (of CunninLynguists) with additional production from Kno (of CunninLynguists) & Kokayi
mastered by Change (change@changehiphop.com)
artwork by Lina Tharsing (linatharsing.com)


all rights reserved



CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky

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