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Peace or Power

by Deacon The Villain

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  • "Peace or Power" 2XLP (Oxblood Red Vinyl)
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    Deacon The Villain's solo debut on Double Oxblood Vinyl. The only remaining copies from the original pressing.

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I'm bout to jump up out the plane with no parachute I told my wife no time for breakfast, girl, cause I got the juice I'm steppin' right up out this bitch no time for lacing my shoes I said "I'm bout to take a flight past the moon" this boy can fly if you don't know I can move too quick for the photos spread my wings fly where they can't go bout to free myself from the pharaoh in sky like the moon during twilight i'm feeling really high right? but in hindsight everything that I write is from the other side I'm a bird that's fresh out the cage can't telescope me I'm out of range intergalactic I'm outer-space dead to the world but climbed out the grave dealing with feelings of living afraid will place you a ceiling where you can't escape we are all made in the image of one without limits so everyone put on your capes I wanna tell you something 'bout the people you know ask 'em what are they living for you got to know everything that glitters ain't gold I hope you are enjoying the show well c'mon Baby I'm not gon' live another night unless I spread my wings and take flight to the other side sometimes I don't see sunlight sometimes I don't see sleep sometimes it mess with my love life sometimes a nigga don't eat most times things don't go right gotta detour that dream whole up'! "fuck that shit get back to the script like you're illustrated by Stan Lee!" if you're passionate tell the universe nothing rattles your dream you're the master so break the shackles cause people got to be free although some may laugh at it it's no accident you can walk on the sea even build a pyramid or another wonder for people to see in a life heavy as the ocean it can drown your emotion dealing with the motion I'm tellin you that you are really chosen I'm hoping you are really open to dealing with the notion row that boat in the lowest of tide get a surfboard when the waves get high you got gifts that'll help you rise spread yo wings touch that sky
Harold Holloway let me tell you a real old story greatest story ever told about a little old angel named Lucifer and his war with the Holy Ghost Jason Coffey Why did you make man? and give him everything for free but when I ask for some shit for me you threw me in a fiery sea Deacon & Jason Coffey people getting down (that's what I do) evil all around ('said I'm everywhere) you are not the same ( they are not to blame (but I'm to blame) Hook the devil the devil & The Deep he wants to turn the whole world inside out wake up don't sleep Deacon run tell him run real far run fast as a German car you can find him in the teachers and the preachers even German czars anything beneath these burning stars run I’m talkin’ far like mars but instead we stand around in awe of the rare kind my daddy said pay the devil no air time so I’m stop it at eight bars Deacon & Jason Coffey: he is prince of the dark author of sin father of lies there is no sympathy for iniquity the devil he fell from the sky he's the believer's deceiver the tempter the spoiler he wears a disguise racism sexism classism the isms my nigga his plan's to divide Deacon: who got you hatin’ on niggaz ‘cause they got them Jays 10 days before you got paid who got you on the highway in rage callin’ ere’body out they name? who got you giving up the fight? them jeans never felt so tight don’t you know no good? who make you wish you didn’t know what’s right? Little Caesar give me one more slice I’m fucking hungry now before yall congregate I’m just trying to conversate about a proper now it’s a spirit that’ll dominate if you let him in your common space and make you act out and leave you looking like a common fool make you forget about the golden rule and what you’re ‘spose to do but there is hope for you just use the songs that I wrote for you to kick his holy rollin’ ass out
Pre-chorus If you know me very well you know I don’t believe in fairy tales Chorus Ghost Don’t Lie Ain’t gon’ tell you twice Deacon Mississippi goddam! mississippi goddam! goddam mississippi! still wavin' that flag! still wavin' that flag that flag mississippi! Mississippi goddam! mississippi goddam! goddam mississippi! still wavin' that flag! you better take it down quickly! before niggaz make history! that's field niggaz house niggaz all on sick leave a bunch of black Bill Bixbys in the David Banner roll incredible alert medical some times the truth hurts like whips or being chained together under ships sleeping in shit tell me how hood must we get remember who started this shit red, white and blue what can we do just to heal? how can the truth be revealed? we sick from disorder our social establishments ill congress put that in a bill mis-education so full of shit information ignorance and inflammation living with cancer if you don't hear but one stanza don't go to the grave with the answers in God we trust Chorus Bridge The game ain’t no fair you bess not go there the shit don’t stop unless you got gold hair for you there’s no share the shit’s on lock they living without rules can’t do it without you ya folk gon’ die just give it some time I know you out of your mind but ghosts don’t lie Natti Are they spooked by the spook who sat by the door with a 44 and a couple duffles of C4 Civil War labeled "a scuffle for free chores" free uppity niggaz wanting to read more keep 'em happy with less danglin' from sycamore still hanging now its in front of the liquor cops smokin' blacks like a product of Philip Morris if we ain't got a weapon they'll gladly conceal it for us equality's a lottery numbers ain't really for us wish I had a mask and gloves to steal it for us before they spot our caps and gladly peel them for us storm troopers on dash cams using the force of course talk about it on Good Morning America debate about our death good mourning, America no wonder relations are so torn in America feeling lacerations skin torn in America Pre Chorus Chorus
Corus I hear music in the sky I have never felt so high could heaven be like this? you making me forget about money making me forget about pain when I'm in your milk and honey I forget about everything so don't hold back stay on track when we let loose when we react girl I could be your adam split atoms under the leaves biting on your apple bottom little mama you could be my eve in paradise with a pair of dice let it roll pay that price halleluh that's for lilfe halleluh that's for life Chorus Through all of the rain we touch the control it's such a beautiful place and we need to go ain't that the truth Don't worry about the morning after there's no disaster greater than letting moments pass ya when in rapture I'd hate for you to be thinking backwards back when you had the opportunity to have some laughs Repeat Chorus
Intro up under the rain the sky is falling can you remember the time when the sun was calling? Chorus we go round and round up and down these night dreams in the mansion glow all alone for nice things from the blackest ground you like the sound the lights sing down below Champagne Chu can I get a high five?! we touched sky finally got a piece of that american pie that pan am money started to fly but the engine caught fire and we burned alive hot damn, honey ass thighs looking like baby back ribs, lies last week, a sunny surprise, surprise before them implants you was 105 hey, keep up the good work get money gonna use it for some good first yeah right Amsterdam red Light just a nigga in Paris with the red nikes Autobahn with them bubble eye headlights yeah, gonna live wrong till I’m dead right that’s right we ‘gon ride this bitch till it hit on E until then everything’s on me Chorus Bridge let’s party bullshit new day new script through pain music helped get to it we’ve earn it (turn up) I learned this today we’ve earned it (turn up) can earnestly say Deacon man, niggaz ain't never had shit neither has the red man brown man yellow man bitch as i look through my satellite dish it's party after party cause we hardly got to have our own kicks though most of our folks ain't rich see a nigga make it and we actin like we just scored six cause we started from the bottom as a race this american pie tastes like grace eat up then re-up roll weed up ya feet up for good even hookin' my fleet up with wood buy out the bar, look up, buy up the stars vacate, fly up to mars but what do I know? Nappy Roots said from the go our whole life I been po' now we got some money and some milk and honey nigga and i’m telling ya that everything that glitters looks gold Deacon enslaved welcome to the rat race alien american literally last place in chains get strong fast paced 3/5ths human would you listen to my black face black codes married to a Jim Crow my lawd chariot swing low sooner than peace niggaz need release no sugar coats naked truth at least whatever happened to them acres? (acres) all them Dirty Acres (acres) stolen 40 Acres (acres) We don’t need Acres? (acres) fuckin' 40 acres… (acres) we don’t want acres What we need is: good behavior share the views all the things we rarely do naked truth within the schools learn from me? I learn from you…
hook it’s ‘bout to go down i’m talking ‘bout a better place where your eyes will see more more than ever before into space It’s ‘bout to go down I’m talkin ‘bout a better place what is evil and good? all my people you should have a taste can you magine a world no violence? no lie or sin? to picture this might need to wipe your lens get high ascend ain't talkin mary jane or vicatin my pious friends but still we gliding like we lie on wind imagine we could appreciate our different ways our different races weren't racing towards the end of days our different faces faced the weather with amazing grace and this the basis 'til we placing satan in his grave now now every day in this maze where we hustle where we play where we struggle in the shade everybody wait for that sound hook so how to we respect ourselves? and check our selves? when it's so easy just wreck ourselves neglect our health sometimes in life I set the bar too low ain't that fa show and when that fear creeps in I'm out the do' to the corna sto' to get my beer or my bourbon to put that weed in my pipe call up my cuddliest buddy to get my mind off of life sometimes I'm lost in his study sometimes I'm lost in the night sometimes I'm runnin with no end game in site from light every day in this maze where we hustle where we pray where we struggle in the shade everybody wait for that sound hook remember the power's in you for peace from night to be the light remember mountains will move the price the bite won't stop your life it's 'bout to go down
Van Berry way down by the creek side shade make you feel alright all the women in they dress shoes clean feet with the pleat creased tight let's spread love tell me come and feel this water so cool it'll sooth them bones I know your life's out of order so is mine you can call that home spread love Tribe One Yall it's been a rough year seen to much sweat and blood and shed enough tears and even though the direction we're heading's unclear i can say for certain the purpose ain't getting stuck here it's been too long with not a lot of improvement so now we don't want baby steps we want a solution we saw what Martin Luther did and followed the blue print cause if all we did was loot they wouldn't call it a movement that's why we'll still be working after the press buzz adding on to what our parent's generation left us so we can hold what older folks only dreamt of and the only way we'll get it is to spread love Adán Bean Spread love like jam and jelly preserves this is the marked failure of elegant words i got a helluva urge just to sip this mint julep out of mason jars my cars a Chevy Buick but tonight I'm gon' foot it since my feet found home when I hit the creek side dressed like Paul Poundstone look it might sound wrong but life don't last long and I'm keep dancing 'til the piano's last song and that sweat on my brow is the evidence of how we refuse to ever let life's problems get us down head measured for a crown we the kings of the night life love shuns the day but it stays in the twilight bridge Spread love it'll change your life shine down like angel light we can brave the night when the day breaks take a flight you can keep everything in site aint' that the truth? Deacon The truth is some of yall are ruthless the world don't care about excuses the world might label you a nuisance then hang you from a noose well the world better read up, cause we up my girl kicked her feet up my homie just re-upped my uncles putting heat up on them coals all love that's just how it goes hug life that's just how we roll crack a bud light to switch lanes move to the left I'm talkin 'bout love, not a duel to the death you could hate this song I ain't lovin' you less love self let love do the rest ere'body bridge Spread love it'll change your life shine down like angel light we can brave the night when the day breaks take a flight let 'em know everything's alright aint' that the truth? love ain't that the truth? love
Chorus everybody wanna have fun lost in the city of son let's go (ha ha ha ha ha) show you how the west was won come to the city of son let's go (ha ha ha ha ha) JustMe Let's go y'all! Drive or fly Beat feet not to the sweet by and by Or a slice of the pie in the sky when you die But the reward to be more than private eyes That report and remark on what we spied We swore that we'd score but we ain't ride All full of excusing...the devil a liar But who's the loser choosing never to try? Not I. I'm a get up and act 'Cause ain't a dang thing falling in my lap Without a pain, gain be amounting to crap Without an effort I'd be left for the trap And I ain't Effing with that! (Fuck that!)Smart work pays off Like a man that lacks hard work stays soft Until the man in the mirror jerk lays off I ain't even taking birthdays off Chorus Deacon I wanna go so many questions I wanna know so many ways I wanna grow actions speak loud Lord help me to show chest pain after chest pain hold as i sit down lost count of the blunts rolled as they go round need to focus on self and all things I know now I do this for Eve and the seed we gon' sew down in a battle versus self it can go rounds "be a winner over sin, friend, get the gold crown" so I'm 'spose to love that's the lowdown? in a world that hates love that's the program? so hard to do so hard to act right when God's in view he's everywhere and he's so hard to fool everybody barbecue You can't blame the devil for your actions can't blame the devil for your actions no ya can't cant't blame the devil for your actions can't blame the devil for your actions no ya can't can't blame the devil for your actions can't blame the devil for your actions he is just a fraction anybody out there askin' (I'm) talkin' 'bout something everlastin' all that I know
See them marching marching home my Lord after fighting for the throne Chorus They in the streets all night all day they in the streets all night all day you hear the guns sing pah rum pum pum as arms say bombs away repeat Deacon They were born in the belly of the beast make a wrong turn streets is telling of a feast where peace is a myth where sleeps for the rich to eat is a gift alarming how charming a child can be till he's rollin' down ya street in a gold caprice trying eat on ya gold piece leave sleep in a hole deceased I'm talking where you better pray right before you see daylight no days predictable there's no two alike everybody's a-type ready for the kill babies need meals dolla dolla bills over pills and such we trust blue come through tough throw ya folk in cuffs watch 'em grown up in the game till they old and rough you better learn when to fold or bluff Chorus They in the background mobbin' creepin' through the slums goons and goblins you think they lookin' for problems? they looking for change like trees in autumn and in they eyes you can see what fear do when every moment it is giving you an earful become witness to the estranged children of the corn let the wick flame devil wings and halos in the innocence of the barbies and the legos they something like playdoh getting fashioned getting molded since days old getting game over games of dice a ghetto life such a famous plight to get the picture hope I frame it right niggaz for sale name your price Homebody Sandman The evil that men do and women do as observed by the little dudes in the living rooms it was always mommy catching a beat down got tired of picking up her teeth so into the streets now maybe it's the system that forced her in that position or foster pops that wanted special kisses whatever the decision now stranded on the concrete and granted a front row seat to watch hyenas compete sights where they dwell places height that bring em closer to the blood stains and shell cases kiddies shouldn't feel so down this little piggy watched deals go down instead of watching clowns at the circus they watching out for clowns loud enough to get murdered on purpose seen the crime scene before the cops did at seven or eight Hook Vamp What we really need (really need) for victory (victory) in life tween you and me is history What we really need (really need) for victory (victory) in life tween you and me history
Sheisty Khrist My head spinnin' like a breakdancer, daddy told me question life what a great answer. Mama asked me if I ever pondered life's questions, I thought about it for a second said "I can't answer". Now that's one second less, the first time in my life I felt second best. If at first you don't succeed then take a second guess, unless this proposition cause you to second guess. Wait... The second hand it slowly tick, my second hand stretched out like a goalie stick. A man told me a lowly man's the most holy, my response to that wholly was "holy shit". Now that's some holy shit, nigga's drinking the blood of Jesus like a lowly tick. One hour to contemplate my life's goals, throwin' dice while lights glow from light poles. The night's cold like white gold or white snow, right so I just write prose 'til the night froze. Chorus you can have peace you can have power we hope you enjoy your final hour tell me how it goes Bridge my God Deacon! (what?) gosh! (really?) you're a complete mess! (i don't know?) what have you done to yourself! no no! get yourself together man! (I'm tryin!) Deacon I had a dream death burst in the room it was right when I burst from cocoon it was right when I learned to write these verses of doom and walk a tight rope from earth to the moon I'm like, "death you're early... I wanna die on CP Time" He like, "whatever.. read between these lines held up the pitchfork ain't the type for intellectual discourse the rich can't bribe nor got love for the piss poor no time for love, my nigga, this war knock knockin' down my thick door like a big thor then I coward as he towered in the night had death loomin' over like an owl over mice coming for my enemies, family, tight friends coming for the stars and they hype men even if you got a nice chin this that straight KO in the end everyone lays low he never eat never sleep just waiting until I AM say go whether it's peace or power you pray fo', my nigga! Chorus


released October 1, 2015

All tracks produced by Deacon The Villain

Cover art by Michael Manomivibul

Mixed by Amond Jackson for "Salem Psalms" Studios (Atlanta, Ga)
Mastered by Change for "The Den" Digital Studios

Head of A&R: Essene "Champagne Chu" Moormon
Cover Art Consultation: Tony "Tonedeff" Rojas"


all rights reserved



CunninLynguists Lexington, Kentucky

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